Are you ready for the Cyber Security Challenge?

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James LyneThe hunt is on - the UK is looking for online security gods and goddesses.

As the breadth and depth of the security problem has increased over the past few years, so too has requirement for an increasingly diverse range of security skills. As Baroness Neville-Jones, Minister of State for Security, said, "This pool of professionals must grow and the Cyber Security Challenge UK offers an innovative and exciting way of attracting talented individuals."

What's the skinny, you ask? Well, they are looking for any UK residents, be they teens or senior citizens with a bit of talent and interest in beating the bad guys in cyberville.

Today the Minister of Security has launched the first three competitions to participants - visit to register and have a go. You can also test out your skills right now by trying to crack this teaser cipher.

Oh, and there are some thirty prizes to be won. These range from internships at cyber security companies, to funded courses through SANS Institute and places on the Detica Cyber Security Academy. These prizes don't just reward candidates for their skills, but provide recognisable standards to help your journey into the security industry. Plus, if you are like me, some of these will appeal for pure fascination alone!

As our nation progresses to an information economy, security is one of the most critical skills. I can assure you - security is a constantly challenging and interesting business.

Do you have what it takes?

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About the author

James Lyne is Global Head of Security Research at Sophos. James is known for his passionate presentations and live demonstrations of the latest in cyber crime. He spends most of his time trying to find ways to simplify security or make it more accessible to the general public. He is also extremely keen on encouraging new talent in to the industry and is involved with a number of initiatives to help develop the future talent pool. You can reach James on twitter at @jameslyne.