Sophos scavenger hunt - test your security knowledge and win a T-shirt

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Hunter. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.Last month Sophos released its 2014 Security Threat Report which is packed full of interesting facts and discussion around the last year of security threats.

It also offers an insight into what SophosLabs expects to see in the next 12 months.

So, like last year, we thought we'd run a quick scavenger hunt where we'll ask you three questions and you'll need to find the answers - all are hidden within the Sophos Security Threat Report 2014.

You might learn some interesting stuff too. What's better than that on a Friday?

We'll send one of our coveted Naked Security T-shirts to 20 people who answer all three questions correctly.

Good luck!

>> Start the hunt now <<

Image of hunter courtesy of Shutterstock.

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3 Responses to Sophos scavenger hunt - test your security knowledge and win a T-shirt

  1. Jonathan Stevens · 210 days ago

    I think I'll have to take a stab at it! Good fun for a Friday!

  2. ScottK · 210 days ago

    Yay! A puzzle/quiz I can actually answer!

  3. Varun Chandak · 99 days ago

    I finally received the t shirt today :) thanks Sophos..

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