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Texan liquor chain Spec's leaks 550k card details in 17 month breach

Texan retail chain Spec's leaks 550k card details in 17 month breach

Spec's, the fifth largest wine retailer in the US, has leaked 550,000 customers' card details, after some of its systems were compromised for close to 17 months.

Monday review - the hot 21 stories of the week


Make sure you're up to date with everything we wrote in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

World Backup Day - are your important files backed up?


Today is World Backup Day! If your storage system fails, at work or at home, any valuable data could be lost for good. It's an essential task, but can be as simple or as complex as you choose. Here's our best practice for backing up your data.

Word zero-day, Snapchat blasted, MS-DOS released - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


What should you do about the latest Word zero-day? What does Mr Rockefeller think of SnapChat? And is that MS-DOS I see before me?

Watch 60 Sec Security for 29 March 2014, and find out!

Senator says Snapchat 'hiding something' by skipping data breach hearing

Senator says Snapchat 'hiding something' by skipping data breach hearing

Snapchat has drawn fire from US Senator Jay Rockefeller, the powerful chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Technology, and Transportation, for refusing to testify in a hearing on data breaches.

Is data privacy more important than ever?

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This article is inspired by another piece we've published today in which John Bryan asks 'is data privacy an out of date concept?' I think we all have a responsibility to ourselves and the younger generation to take greater steps to protect our data - we can't know the significance of exposure today on our lives tomorrow.

Is data privacy an out of date concept?

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For some people, it seems as if they put their whole lives on display on social media. They are often, themselves, posting the very information that organisations go to great lengths to try to protect. So are we trying to protect privacy based on past social values? Are we old-fashioned in trying to keep a lid on the social media generation?

Microsoft admits reading blogger's Hotmail as part of leak investigation

Microsoft admits reading blogger's Hotmail

Microsoft has admitted that it had read a former employee's email to confirm he had leaked confidential company information. While the search is considered legal, the company's actions have drawn attention from privacy violation critics.

SSCC 139 - PWN2OWN, browser updates, Target alerts, PCI DSS and phishing [PODCAST]


Is a browser less secure if more people like to hack it? Is it OK to ignore alerts simply because you get too many? Do you back yourself to spot every single phish? And just how smart is the Google Play Store?

Chester and Duck dissect these issues with their usual style in this week's Chet Chat podcast...

WhatsApp and privacy - will Facebook make things better, worse, or both?


WhatsApp, the super-popular SMS replacement acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, continues to wrestle with a thorny problem.

How can it tame the public's attitude to its own attitude to privacy?

Morrisons employee arrested in connection with staff payroll breach

Morrisons employee arrested in connection with staff payroll breach

100,000 employees' bank details were breached last week in what the company suggested was an insider job. A Morrisons employee has been arrested in Leeds.

Security Essentials: What is PCI DSS?


Many of us know what PCI DSS stands for, but we haven't actually read through the standard.

John Shier was one of them - so he decided to put things to rights...

Anatomy of a Bitcoin phish - don't be too quick before you click!


Paul Ducklin looks at a recent Bitcoin phish, and offers some tips on how not to get suckered in just because things look familiar...

Browsers pwned, Korean megabreach, hackers phoiled, and Chet Chat turns 4! [VIDEO]


Which browser plugin withstood PWN2OWN? How big was the latest South Korean megabreach? What happens when hackers attack phishers?

Find out in 60 Second Security...

Target missed multiple warnings that credit card data breach was underway

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Target's sophisticated security system went on full alert after detecting malware on the company’s network on 30 November last year and could have prevented the theft of 40 million credit and debit card numbers a few days later, according to a new report.

Employees' bank details stolen from UK supermarket Morrisons

Empoyees' bank details stolen from UK's 4th largest grocer Morrisons

Morrisons is scrambling to tell employees that the staff payroll system has been raided, with the thieves taking names, addresses and bank details of staff.

Hacker who Snowdenized ethical hacking site also grabbed email control

Hacker who Snowdenized ethical hacking site also grabbed email control

The hacker behind the pasting of Edward Snowden's mug onto the EC-Council's site also managed to send a password-reset to its cloud-based enterprise email and get control of some customers' accounts.

SSCC 138 - Patching, zero-days, XP, APTs and CryptoLocker [PODCAST]


Join the dynamic duo for another entertaining quarter-hour on security.

There's Patch Tuesday, the impending end of XP, Advanced Persistent Threatitis, and some astonishing statistics about CryptoLocker.

Another two universities suffer data breaches, but notification still too slow

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Universities seem to be evergreen targets for hackers, with two more breaches announced in the past week or so. This time it's the turn of North Dakota University System and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

ICO fines pregnancy advice charity BPAS £200,000 following data breach

ICO fines pregnancy advice charity £200,000 for breaching data protection laws

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service charity suffered a data breach back in 2012. Now the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has ruled that the charity fell foul of data protection laws when it failed to realise that its own website was storing personal information.