Data loss

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ICO fines pregnancy advice charity BPAS £200,000 following data breach

ICO fines pregnancy advice charity £200,000 for breaching data protection laws

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service charity suffered a data breach back in 2012. Now the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has ruled that the charity fell foul of data protection laws when it failed to realise that its own website was storing personal information.

Hackers steal 12 million customer records from South Korean phone giant

Hackers steal 12 million customer records from South Korean phone giant

In a caper that lasted a year, one or more hackers stole the details for KT Corp customers, then passed them to an accomplice who allegedly sold cell phones posing as a company representative. It's the second mega-breach to rip holes into South Koreans' personal data since January.

Final countdown, CryptoLocker payout and Full Disk Encryption - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


XP is counting down - are you ready? Would you pay the CryptoLocker crooks? And should you use Full Disk Encryption?

Find out in just a 60 Sec Security for 08 March 2014!

Target CIO Beth Jacob resigns in breach aftermath

Target CIO Beth Jacob resigns in breach aftermath

Following its recent epic breach, Target has announced that it's putting its technology through the wringer. Jacob will be the first high-level executive to leave since the incident.

Smucker's online store gets stuck in thieves' web

Smucker's online store gets stuck in thieves' web

The US jam and jelly maker is just the latest fly to get stuck in the same web that ensnared dozens of companies last year, including some of the world's largest data brokers and at least one credit card processor.

SSCC 137 - Apple, rootkits, hacking and data breach laws [PODCAST]


What about support for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion? Can a rootkit be a blessing in disguise? Will federal US data breach laws make things better or worse?

Chester and Duck once again aim their entertaining expertise at the security news of the week...

Facebook survives, Apple patches, and Naked Security wins! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How harmless is that "Facebook shutting down on 29 February" hoax?

Is system reimaging really a security tool?

Find out this and more! 60 Sec Security - 01 Mar 2014

SSCC 136 - Apple's "goto fail", Neiman Marcus's logfiles, and Adobe's double update [PODCAST]


Chester ducks out of booth duties at the RSA 2014 conference in San Francisco to bring you this week's Chet Chat.

From Apple's SSL bug to Adobe's second-in-a-month emergency Flash update, Chet and Duck once again help you to learn from others' mistakes.

US Attorney General calls for unified data breach notification laws

Eric Holder

US Attorney General Eric Holder has used his weekly video message to demanded Congress get busy developing a "strong national standard" for breach notifications in the wake of the Target and Neiman Markus leaks.

Neiman Marcus hackers set off 60,000 alarms over 3 months

Payment data hacked at US luxury retailer Neiman Marcus

Apparently, the hackers named their malware so it would appear to be part of the company's payment software, thereby ensuring that alerts would not stand out amongst the huge amount of data being reviewed by the company's security team. The good news is that the breach isn't as large at first thought.

Flash patched, Forbes hacked and Korea reacts - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Another Flash emergency already? More SEA hacking? Why have the password "changeme" if you don't? How big a fine for a 20,000,000 record breach?

It'll only take you a minute to find out!

Financial sector hit hard by data breach cleanup costs

Mop and bucket. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Cybercrime is all about the money. And, in the end, that money leads back to the financial sector. Banks, credit unions, insurers and everyone charged with looking after our money and covering us when something bad happens are starting to feel the pinch from the steady growth in cybercriminality.

Nursing home data exposed on file-sharing site

Nursing home. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Researchers have found a trove of information on a file-sharing site that could allow attackers to breach electronic medical records and payment information from healthcare providers such as nursing homes, doctors' offices and hospitals.

SSCC 135 - Flappy Bird frenzy, Talking Angela talkfest, NBC hype, Kickstarter and Forbes [PODCAST]


What happened to Flappy Bird? Why was Talking Angela so talked about? Is internet access at the Winter Olympics in Sochi really a "special danger" situation? What can we learn from the database breaches at Kickstarter and Forbes?

2013 an epic year for data breaches with over 800 million records lost

Flowing tap. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

If it felt like the last year saw more and bigger data breaches than usual, well, that's because it did.

Why we need to rethink how we view security

Why we need to rethink how we view security

When we look at some of the biggest security headlines of the past year - Target data breach, Cryptolocker ransomware, Snowden/NSA leaks - there's one big lesson we can all be taught: secure everywhere.

Target told to carry out security review just months before breach

Target was warned of payment system vulnerabilities before data breach

Former employees and others familiar with the breach investigation said at least one analyst recommended a thorough security review prior to Target's upgrading its payment system. Did the review actually happen, or was it lost in the cacophony of warnings security teams and government agencies constantly put forth?

South Korea punishes three credit card firms over data heist

Image of credit card terminal courtesy of Shutterstock

South Korean regulators have fined three credit card companies and banned them from issuing new credit cards for three months in the wake of the country's largest-ever data theft.

­Silk Road 2.0 emptied out by a hole in its Bitcoin pocket

­Silk Road 2.0 emptied out by a hole in its Bitcoin pocket

With three other Silk Road copycat sites having run off with users' funds since the original Silk Road was shut down, the dark web is turning into a glum place to shop for drugs, firearms and forged IDs.