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Five-minute fix: Setting up parental controls on Android

Setting up the parental controls on Android phones

How to set up parental controls on Android devices to help keep your children safer while they use them.

Google accidentally improves Android privacy, just for a moment

Google accidentally improves Android privacy, just for a moment

App Ops Launcher, a hidden feature that allowed Android users to deny selected permissions to apps, was an experiment that was never supposed to be released and that could break apps instead of just policing them, Google said.

Gmail takes image loading out of users' hands - here's how to take it back

Gmail's automatic image viewing, and how to turn it off

Gmail's new default is to automatically display all those HTML glamour shots that marketers desperately hope we'll click on. Does this really help our privacy and security, and how can you turn it off again?

FTC slapdown, no iPhone for Mr President, and Dutch banks get tough - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

How could the brightest flashlight leave you in the dark? Do you need to close Joel's Backdoor? Why can't the President choose his own phone? Should you update your anti-virus before you bank online?

Find out in 60 Second Security!

NSA tracking hundreds of millions of mobile phone locations worldwide

NSA tracking hundred of millions of mobile phone locations worldwide

The US' National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting and storing the locations of at least hundreds of millions of devices, even when they're switched off, according to Edward Snowden.

iPhones are off limits to President Obama for "security reasons"

iPhones are off limits to President Obama for "security reasons"

US President Barack Obama is stuck using a BlackBerry. He actually fought for the right to keep using it when he first got to office in 2009. Let's hope he still likes the gadget, because the powers that be obviously don't think Apple's security profile is president-worthy.

mSpy app lets someone remotely snoop on you through your phone or tablet

mSpy app lets someone remotely snoop on you through your phone or tablet

The app allows customers to remotely spy on text messages, call logs, and emails; track location, record surroundings, stealthily keep tabs on calendar information; record conversations; determine GPS coordinates of the target phone and show the location of the target device on a convenient map. All that, and it is, amazingly enough, legal.

Online clothing store Witchery lets customers view - and edit! - each other's personal information

According to a News Limited report, customers visiting clothing retailer Witchery's mobile website were able to get at the PII of other users via a feature called "track my order."

Customers could also view every order currently being processed, not just their own...

Apple's iOS 7.0.4 fixes a "too easy to buy stuff" security flaw


Apple pushed out iOS 7.0.4 last week, the fourth patch in two months.

Is iOS getting buggier, or is Apple simply publishing security fixes more promptly?

European airlines to allow gadget use during take-off and landing

European airlines to allow gadget use during take-off and landing

European travellers will soon be able to use their personal electronic devices (PEDs) for the entire duration of their flights following a new ruling from Europe's air safety agency.

Smartphone PINs skimmed with microphone and camera

Smartphone PINs cracked with microphone and camera - a game-changer for phone security?

A new program, dubbed PIN Skimmer by its University of Cambridge creators, can correctly guess a high proportion of PINs by utilising the device's camera and microphone.

Adobe, Android and CryptoLocker - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Which pets make the best/worst passwords?

How many times did Google make the same coding blunder?

Find out this and more in our one-minute wrapup of the week's security lessons!

SSCC 122 - Facebook hoax, Microsoft 0-day, Android hole and Firefox going forward [PODCAST]


What a coincidence! A Facebook hoax claming that images can infect your computer...and then a Microsoft zero-day that uses images to infect your computer.

Chet and Duck talk you through the latest news...

Anatomy of a file format problem - yet another code verification bypass in Android


Four months ago, the Android platform was stirred, if not shaken, by a pair of code verification holes.

Turns out there was a third one, now fixed in Android 4.4, better known as Kit Kat.

Paul Ducklin looks at what we can learn from it...

We need to start defining acceptable mobile advertising

We need to start defining acceptable mobile advertising

Advertising supports a large chunk of the apps we use on our mobile devices. But without oversight, the behaviour of ad frameworks risks crossing all manner of privacy and security lines. A proposed project aims to address this issue and define a standard for acceptable mobile ads.

Is that a GUN, or are you just upgrading the printer? - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Is that a gun, or are you just upgrading the printer? What if your iPhone has a bug in the lock that locks the lock screen? Will Chrome's continuing support for XP make us safer, or merely lazier?

It'll only take 60 seconds to find out the answers!

Is your smartphone broadcasting your movements when you shop?

Red radar screen

If you walk around carrying a smartphone with WiFi enabled then you are broadcasting your own unique radio beacon. MAC address tracking, also known as Mobile Location Analytics (MLA), is of serious interest to companies trying to sell you things.

Apple's iCloud iConundrum - does convenience mean insecurity?


Researcher Vladimir Katalov explained how documents and backups stored in Apple's iCloud can be accessed bypassing Apple's two-factor authentication, even when enabled, last week at the Hack in the Box conference in Malaysia.

Apple releases iOS 7.0.3 - fixes yet more lockscreen holes, including a call-anybody bug

Apple just closed up yet more lockscreen holes in iOS 7.

Reading the release notes will give you a sense of déjà vu - one of the bugs is pretty much the same hole that was patched in iOS 7.0.2...

Fake BlackBerry BBM apps *still* in Google Play Store, one month after failed official release


One month after BlackBerry didn't release it's much-awaited BBM app for Android, imposter apps can still be found in the Google Play Store.

Should it be so easy to get obviously-bogus imitations past Google's vetting process?