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13-year-old girl arrested for Facebook death threats against entire town

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Despite specific threats to kill a 12-year-old cancer patient along with the entire population of a Texas town, Facebook initially stonewalled police's efforts to find the identity of whoever was making the terrorist threats. It baffled police, as well it should.

What would make you quit Facebook? Here's what you said ...

Quit Facebook?

Last week we asked our readers to take a poll about Facebook's controversial social experiment on thousands of unknowing users.

Lots of you responded - more than 1,000 - and we received a lot of great comments. Here's what you said ...

DARPA dissects Twitter, Facebook, Reddit to extract propaganda how-to's


The internet found out last week that Facebook's been dissecting us. Now, it looks like DARPA's been at it too, with research on users of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Kickstarter and Digg.

Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week


It's weekly roundup time!

Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.

Facebook's experiment on users - what would it take for you to finally quit? [POLL]

Facebook's experiment on users - what would it take for you to finally quit? [POLL]

Facebook is taking heat once again for perceived invasion of privacy, after it disclosed a research experiment conducted on users without their explicit consent.

What do you think? Have you finally had enough of Facebook's privacy invasions to say "enough is enough"? Take our poll...

Did Facebook's emotion experiment break the law? ICO probes

Did Facebook's emotion experiment break the law? ICO probes

Did Facebook's emotional manipulation study break data protection laws? The UK's Information Commissioner's Office is to investigate the experiment, which caused outrage after it manipulated the feeds of close to 700,000 users to determine how they reacted to positive or negative news.

Ex-boyfriend avoids jail for posting offensive update on woman's Facebook account

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The case - one which involves prosecution over damage to a social media account - is reportedly unprecedented. The guilty party was facing a maximum of 10 years in prison and a €10,000 fine, with a judge who had no precedents to go on when it came time for sentencing.

Facebook shrugs as 'emotional contagion' research outrages its users

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Some users saw a dash more positive items in their feeds; some received a more grim daily dose, as the researchers cut out happy tidings. The researchers' conclusion: yes, emotional states are contagious, and no, seeing friends post happy news does not necessarily make people want to jump off ledges. The internet's reaction: how dare you manipulate emotions without informed consent?

Facebook's facing a losing battle to protect users' privacy

Facebook's facing a losing battle to protect users' privacy

Last year, prosecutors in Manhattan held Facebook up by the ankles and shook out personal data on 381 users. A judge last week said that it's up to the targeted users to complain about privacy invasion, not data-repository Facebook. But how are they supposed to stand up for their rights if they're never told about the sealed warrants to begin with?

Revenge porn hits two high profile boyfriends where it hurts

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Former NSA analyst and vocal NSA supporter John Schindler had his pink parts exposed by a lover in an extramarital affair, and a state representative's chief of staff was outed by a porn star ex-girlfriend and subsequently resigned. Revenge porn might typically target women, but these cases clearly show that we're all vulnerable when it comes to sharing explicit content.

Facebook privacy case to be referred to European Court of Justice

Europe vs Facebook

The High Court in Ireland has referred the data-sharing case of Austrian law student, Max Schrems, to the European Court of Justice.

SSCC 152 - PF Chang's, TrueCrypt (still!), the Twitter worm and the cost of scammers [PODCAST]


Sophos security experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin turn their attention on the week's security news.

As usual, they extract plenty of useful lessons during their insightful dissection of the latest issues...

Does Facebook's Slingshot commit true imagicide? Or is it another Snapchat?

Does Facebook's Slingshot commit true imagicide?

"Disappear forever" didn't mean much when Snapchat said it. Neither Snapchat nor Facebook's newly released Slingshot stops anybody from taking a screenshot or snapping a photo of the receiving device with another camera, for one thing.

Is a Facebook death threat a true threat? Supreme Court to decide

Is a Facebook death threat a true threat? Supreme Court to decide

The US Supreme Court will re-examine a case in where a man made death threats against his ex-wife on Facebook, giving us a federal decision on whether threats made online need to be made with real intent, or whether they just have to be taken seriously by a reasonable person who's threatened.

"Kind of creepy" personality test crunches your Facebook verbiage

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The tool analyses language for signs of extroversion ("party!!") introversion ("computer") and more. This could be a dream come true for targeted marketing and a hell on earth for privacy.

59 vulns in IE, teenager versus Turing, and Twitter gets wormed - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Is 59 vulns in IE some kind of record? Did a computer really pass the Turing Test? Can a network worm ever be a joke?

Find out in one minute!

Facebook to let advertisers see where you're surfing

Facebook to let advertisers see where you're surfing

Like many services already do, Facebook's now going to mix in our browsing histories with the advertising stew. It's also introducing a tool that lets us see (and edit) the dossiers they keep on us, so we can finally get a glimpse into why they think we like what they seem to think we like.

Twitter jumps to block XSS worm in Tweetdeck


A cross-site scripting flaw was disclosed this morning affecting the popular Twitter application Tweetdeck. It has now been fixed, but not before it wormed its way through thousands of browsers.

Facebook stupidity leads to largest gang bust in NYC history

Facebook stupidity leads to largest gang bust in NYC history

Social media was the perfect place to brag about four years of alleged stabbings, assaults, robberies, shootings and murders, via hundreds of Facebook updates, direct messages, mobile phone videos, and calls made from Rikers Correctional Facility to plot the deaths of rival gang members.

Medical centre staff post woman's STD diagnosis on Facebook

Medical centre staff post woman's syphilis diagnosis on Facebook

A woman whose medical record was posted to a Facebook group named "Team No Hoes" is suing the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, two employees and a former boyfriend who allegedly talked the healthcare workers into posting the screenshot.