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Facebook's online teen privacy argument challenged in California court

Facebook's online teen privacy argument challenged in California court

A long-running legal dispute that was settled is now bubbling up once again. Namely, the way that Facebook appropriates children and teen users' names and photos for "Sponsored Story" ads when users "Like" something, regardless of whether such users want to be seen as endorsing the subject of their thumbs-upping.

Turkey bans Twitter, citizens tweet more

Turkey flag. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Last Friday the Turkish government slapped a ban on Twitter, saying that it had failed to comply with court orders imposed after some of its citizens used the social networking site to share allegations of corruption amongst high-level officials. But that doesn't seem to have stopped Turkish tweeters.

Phone spyware, Mac security, and WhatsApp privacy - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How do you get spyware on your victim, er, target's phone? Have Mac users changed their attitude to security? And how deep does privacy run at WhatsApp?

Find out in 60 seconds!

WhatsApp and privacy - will Facebook make things better, worse, or both?


WhatsApp, the super-popular SMS replacement acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, continues to wrestle with a thorny problem.

How can it tame the public's attitude to its own attitude to privacy?

Whatsapp's Jan Koum says privacy won't suffer with Facebook acquisition

Whatsapp logo

Jan Koum, co-founder and CEO of Whatsapp, has responded to concerns that have surfaced since the company was acquired by Facebook.

Facebook fake poses as Prince Harry to con Austrian tradesman

Facebook fake poses as Prince Harry to con Austrian workman

A Facebook user posing as Prince Harry has conned an Austrian floor fitter out of thousands of euros after 'offering' the tradesman a one million pound contract to renovate the parquet floors at Buckingham Palace.

Mark Zuckerberg called Barack Obama to 'express frustration' over surveillance

Zuckerberg calls Obama to 'express frustration' over surveillance

Mark Zuckerberg has phoned the US president to vent his frustrations over alleged internet surveillance.

Yik Yak banned as schools grapple with toxic anonymous social chat

Yik Yak logo

Some Chicago schools have banned the location-based mobile app, causing the developers to turn it off throughout the city as they seek a way to keep it off of school grounds. Yik Yak has lead to multiple school lockdowns in the wake of bomb threats, as well as a new way to perpetrate cyberbullying.

Facebook is not launching a "No Religion" or a "No Swearing" campaign


No, Facebook isn't banning religion from the site, nor is it putting a permanent account ban on anyone with a foul mouth. Don't fall for these latest Facebook hoaxes.

Privacy groups lodge complaint over Facebook's acquisition of Whatsapp


Privacy advocates have asked regulators to investigate Facebook's recent acquisition of WhatsApp, and possibly even block it, due to concerns over how the social network will use the personal data of WhatsApp's 450 million users. They've asked that Facebook "insulate" WhatsApp user information from access by Facebook's data collection practices.

"Girl killed herself" Facebook scam - be aware before you Share!


The "Girl killed herself video" bait-and-switch scam on Facebook, now in its fifth year, is back.

Here are three tips to help us stamp these scams out at last.

Be aware before you Share!

Twitter screws up, accidentally sends deluge of password-reset messages

Twitter screws up, sends deluge of password-reset messages

Twitter goofed, sending out a deluge of password-reset emails on Monday evening that turned out to have been triggered by a system error. Yes, it's a false alarm, but what the heck - any excuse to nag people about password reuse will do!

US girl loses her father's $80K settlement after boasting about win on Facebook

US girl loses her father $80K settlement with Facebook raspberry

A daughter took to Facebook to blow a raspberry at her father's former employer over a successful court settlement. The post, while being a petite thing of only 25 words, was big enough in the "breached confidentiality" department to cost Dad his settlement.

Popular platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, aiding illegal gun sales

Facebook and Instagram aiding illegal gun sales

No questions asked. These sites aren't e-commerce sites, they're quick to remind us, but they sure make it easy for convicted criminals to set up illegal gun buys, as well as one 15-year-old who recently brought a loaded 9mm to school. Facebook's finally, thankfully, talking to advocacy groups about the problem that its brethren, such as Craiglist, have already solved.

Facebook survives, Apple patches, and Naked Security wins! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How harmless is that "Facebook shutting down on 29 February" hoax?

Is system reimaging really a security tool?

Find out this and more! 60 Sec Security - 01 Mar 2014

Stalking victim's petition to LinkedIn for blocking feature is finally heard

Stalking victim's petition to LinkedIn for blocking feature is finally heard

After being stalked by a former colleague via the career-oriented social network, a young woman started an online petition to get LinkedIn's attention, who have finally responded with a new blocking feature. But is it enough?

The "Talking Angela" chain letter: Three tips to help you avoid Facebook hoaxes


The "Talking Angela" chain letter, which tells a scary but unsubstantiated security story about a popular game, is spreading again.

Here are three tips to help you steer clear of security hoaxes on Facebook...

Facebook knows the likely religion of your Valentine's Day snuggle-bunny

Facebook knows the likely religion of your Valentine's Day snuggle-bunny.

Jedis tend to marry outside their faith (It's really hard to find somebody who's a good midi-chlorians fit). Sikhs and Muslims are quite unlikely to do so. Just two of Facebook's conclusions in the first installment of a week's worth of Valentine's Day-related personal data crunching.

Safer Internet Day: don't be an online sheep - our Top 10 Tips help you think before you act


Today is Safer Internet Day, aimed at helping youngsters to enjoy the internet without putting themselves at risk.

So here are our Top 10 Tips. Don't be a sheep and just follow the defaults - it's OK to be different, and to think for yourself before you make choices online!