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The power of two - All you need to know about two-factor authentication


What can we do to protect ourselves from stolen password databases, phishing attacks, keyloggers or credit card skimmers installed in our local ATMs? We can start with two-factor authentication. This article tells you what it is, how it works and where you can use it.

Jail time for Twitter abusers who spewed out rape and death threats


A man and a woman have been handed custodial sentences for abusing high-profile feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez and MP Stella Creasy on Twitter.

Prisoner rats himself out with Facebook selfie of cell-grown cannabis

Prisoner rats himself out with Facebook selfie of homegrown cannabis

One of the most stupid selfies ever: a Polish prisoner's photo, taken on a contraband mobile phone smuggled into the prison, showing a lush, equally contraband and definitely illegal cannabis plant he grew from seed in his cell.

And the results of our "How trustworthy is Facebook" poll are...


As we reported recently, Facebook wants to know how trustworthy its users find it, but it's not sharing the results. So we ran our own poll of how many people trust Facebook and hereby present the results. (NB: We categorically define "people" as meaning "our readers".)

SEA hijacks Microsoft Twitter accounts, Xbox support blog and Technet


The Syrian Electronic Army explains that its weekend pouncing was motivated by Microsoft's alleged monitoring of email accounts and selling of data for the US and other governments. The group promises to publish proof.

How your social media activity can torpedo your loan application

How your social media posts can torpedo your loan application

Financial institutions are increasingly scrutinizing our friend networks, our LinkedIn employment status and even what type of phone we're using and where we're calling from to assess whether they think we're creditworthy.

Facebook is a bad way to rate potential employees, study finds

Facebook is a bad way to rate potential employees, study finds

Call it joie de vivre, or, perhaps, joie de postings, but many of us have the tendency to use social media to promote our potentially drunken, boss-bashing, and/or controversial selves.

Man and woman admit to trolling journalist behind Jane Austen bank note

Man and woman admit to trolling journalist behind Jane Austen bank note

The pair were charged in December with making the threats, and now they've confessed. One of them said she was drunk and bored when she sent the tweets, described the threats as "empty", and said she was just goading her victim.

Watch out! Facebook is NOT closing in March - please don't spread the hoax!

It's the first calendar quarter of the year, and with February and March on the visible horizon, we're seeing the annual reappearance of "Facebook is closing" hoaxes.

Even if you think they're funny, please don't help them to spread...

Facebook is being sued for intercepting users' communications


Users Campbell and Hurley have accused Facebook of misleading the public by calling its internal messaging system 'private'. The company scans users’ private messages for URLs and can make a public 'Like' declaration from a personal communication.

The exact number of people* who trust Facebook is... [POLL]

The exact number of people* who trust Facebook is... [POLL]

...what we here at Naked Security will tell you (IF you take the poll), being all open to sharing 'n' stuff. That's in stark contrast to the zip-lipped Facebergians themselves, who are polling users about the trust thing but won't tell anybody the results. *We hereby definitively define "people" as being "our readers."

Skype's Twitter account compromised by Syrian Electronic Army

Microsoft's reading Skype messages

Microsoft's Skype brand had its Twitter, Facebook and WordPress accounts hacked by a someone claiming to be the Syrian Electronic Army. The real question is, where was the two-factor?

Attack dismissed as "theoretical" by Snapchat used to plunder 4.6 million phone numbers


Controversial photosharing site Snapchat is back in the news again, opening the New Year as the victim of a data breach.

Hackers have turned an attack dubbed "theoretical" by Snapchat into a reality, stealing 4.6 million phone numbers along the way.

On tech support duty for family at Christmas? Get our free Threatsaurus...


Are you on tech support duty for your nearest and dearest over Christmas and New Year?

Would you rather be at the snow/beach?

Let the Sophos Threatsaurus help you teach your friends and family how to stay secure...

Spammers take over Twitter Trends with sexy hashtags

Spammers take over Twitter Trends with sexy hashtags

Londoners awoke on Friday morning to find their automatically generated trending topics lists stuffed with sexy tags.

Facebook and Apple to help draft facial recognition rules

Facebook and Apple to help draft facial recognition rules

Big players that already have a lot of skin in the game are going to be whispering into the ear of the US Commerce Department. Will privacy be trampled in this facial-scanning gold rush?

Are the websites you're using tracking what you type?

Is the website you're using tracking what you type?

Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any webpage can track everything you do and could be keylogging your every pointer movement or keystroke. But it's how the internet has been since forever, though many, many people don't know it and are horrified to find out.

Twitter ditches watered-down block feature after outcry

Twitter screws up, sends deluge of password-reset messages

User outrage has forced the company to do an about-face on a blocking policy change that allowed blocked users to continue to follow their targets, interact with their Tweets, receive their updates in their timeline and let their friends harass the victim.

How Twitter tracks the websites you visit, and how to stop it


Last Thursday Twitter introduced promoted tweets (ads) targeted according to the websites you've visited. It seemed like a good time to explain how Twitter is doing it, how they've used a different technique to track the websites you visit for some time now, and how to turn it all off if you want to.

Troll victim upset as tormentor escapes with written warning


A UK policeman arrested in connection with internet troll abuse against Nicola Brookes that's dragged on over two years has been disciplined with the most severe punishment possible from a "Misconduct Meeting" he attended on Tuesday: namely, a warning. Meanwhile, documents point to PC Rimell having "reconditioned" his PC—read "wiped his hard drive"—a few weeks before investigators showed up looking for evidence.