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Facebook wants to listen in on your TV and music

Facebook wants to listen in on your TV and music

Facebook proposes to recognize and post news feed updates about the TV shows and movies you're watching, and songs you're listening to. One assumes - well, one hopes - the company won't be eavesdropping NSA-style with the new feature.

Facebook introduces Bullying Prevention Centre for UK, Europe

Facebook safety

The new centre offers a reporting flow that's smarter about language (e.g. don't use the term "report" with kids - it makes them feel like stool pigeons) and offers kids the option of getting help from someone in their circle if they need it.

Facebook rape joke posted by 'hackers', Hooters insists

Hooters girls

The US emporium of beer, buxom babes and unlimited $10.99 chicken pointed the finger at Facebook hackers after somebody posted a rape joke onto its page on Saturday.

UK convicts two child abusers who used Facebook to groom victims

UK convicts two child abusers who used Facebook to groom victims

Two UK men have been found guilty of grooming girls via Facebook, enticing them into meetings at hotels, cars and alleyways where they then raped and sexually abused victims as young as 13.

FCC net neutrality proposals tackle internet fast lane - why no one is happy


The latest proposal by the FCC for rules governing the internet leave the door open to an internet "fast lane." In essence, the battle over net neutrality comes down to who has legal authority over the internet, and whether ISPs can do, well, whatever they want.

Facebook enlists users to pester each other with questions via 'Ask' button

Facebook enlists users to pester each other with nosey questions

Facebook's new "Ask" button means we can pester people who have the audacity to keep private details such as their relationship status to themselves.

SSCC 147 - Why Snapchat will have to tell you the truth about security now [PODCAST]


As usual, Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin turn their insightful and entertaining gaze on the security lessons we can learn from the past few days.

Give it a listen - it's our weekly quarter-hour security podcast...

Google and Facebook join forces to take down fake tech support scammers

Online ad clicks

Web giants Google and Facebook are striking back against tech support scammers who use the companies' ad networks to snag victims.

Twitter glitch makes it more difficult to report abuse, while "mute" is on its way


It's supposed to be fixed soon, but in the meantime, trolls' favorite targets are once again suffering the typical onslaught. On the plus side, Twitter on Monday also said it would be offering a "mute" function - the same thing it tried to do in December, but this time around, it seems to be doing it right.

Free One Direction tickets? Facebook scam goes multi-generational, targets Directioners


Last week's Rolling Stones scammers are also targeting Tomorrowland fans and Directioners.

Whether you're into rock-and-roll, dance or, er, the other sort of music, these guys have a ticket scam for you...

Free Rolling Stones tickets? No, it’s a Facebook scam


Are you a Rolling Stones fan? Lots of people are, and with gigs on the 2014 tour selling out in hours, you can see why free tickets might seem worth checking out.

But not all "special offer" sites are made alike, as Paul Ducklin explains...

Snapchat agrees to settlement with FTC over privacy complaints


Snapchat and the FTC have come to terms in a settlement over the privacy practices of the controversial mobile message service company.

Will Snapchat be better at protecting user privacy now that it's required to be monitored by a privacy auditor for the next 20 years?

'Moves' fitness app races to change privacy policy after Facebook acquisition

Shoes. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Within 11 days of the acquisition announcement, the app changed its tune, from "we won't commingle data" to "we won't commingle but we *will* share." Befuddling semantics or what?

Tweet "#MansionParty," get one #SpectacularlyTrashedMansion

Party. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

It was supposed to be a smallish gathering of about 60. #Oops.

Monday review - the hot 17 stories of the week


Catch up with everything we've written in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

Monday review - the hot 26 stories of the week


Make sure you're up to date with everything we wrote in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

New Russian law aims to curb online anonymity and free speech


Russia just passed amendments to anti-terrorism laws, requiring popular bloggers and social media posters to register with a government agency and abide by a raft of rules covering what they say online...

SSCC 144 - iOS malware, fingerprint security, WhatsApp privacy, hacking the taxman [PODCAST]


How bad is the risk from iOS malware? What's the state of play in fingerprint security? Should you trust mobile apps? Is it wise to hack the taxman? What if Brian Krebs calls to warn you've been pwned?

Chet and Duck turn their wit and insight on the week's news...

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: targeted ads don't trample on privacy

Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook Bigwig Sheryl Sandberg wants us all to know that, targeted advertising or no, the Zuckerbergians are hovering over our private data like an anxious mother bird protecting her fluffy nestlings from voracious advertising raptors.