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All the #sophoscrossword winners for 2011/2012


Check out the country-by-country medal count for the 2011/2012 #sophoscrossword!

You'll also find hints (if you got stuck along the way but still want to finish under your own steam) or a full solution (if you just want the answers).

Samoa moves to the other side of the world - and misses a day!


At midnight tonight, Samoa will switch from UTC-12 to UTC+12, jumping from one side of the world to the other.

So there will be no Friday 30 December 2011 in Samoa. How funky is that?

Naked Security wishes you great holidays

mouse with wreath

We're winding down a little for the Christmas break so you might find us a bit quieter than usual.

See you back here in 2012!

LEO - the world's first business software ran 60 years ago today


Sixty years ago, the first business application ran on the first business computer.

What's the bet that someone said, "What will they think of next?"

RIP John McCarthy, the LISP creator who sorted out memory mismanagement


"Uncle John" McCarthy, the creator of the functional programming language LISP, died earlier this week in California.

McCarthy pioneered automatic garbage collection, for which we owe him a substantial debt of thanks.

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Get Naked! Sign-up for our new daily newsletter

We've launched our daily newsletter - ensuring that you have the latest security news at your fingertips, wherever you want to receive your email.

Clothing is optional.

The MySpace puppies hack that wasn't

The MySpace puppies hack that wasn't

Visitors to MySpace were greeted by an unusual message today - but it wasn't the result of a malicious hacker attack.

Tavis Ormandy and Sophos


Researcher Tavis Ormandy has examined Sophos's anti-virus product - not in terms of possible vulnerabilities - but instead looking at how various components of were implemented.

Having assessed Tavis's report, Sophos can assure customers that their protection is not compromised.

Add Naked Security headlines to your own website


A number of people have asked us how they can add Naked Security's latest news headlines to their own website.

Here's how to do it.

Important advisory about Sophos Endpoint and Small Business products

Important advisory about Sophos Endpoint and Small Business products

Sophos has discovered a problem that may be affecting security on a small number of computers running Sophos Anti-Virus or Sophos Endpoint Security and Control. Learn more now.

Goodbye Jack

Goodbye Jack

It's a sad day for us at Sophos, and our friends at Astaro, as Jack Daniel is leaving us.

Update on Sophos and Google Analytics

Default image

Some Sophos products have mistakenly blocked content at google-analytics.com

Why Movember is my favorite time of year...

Magnum PI - the 80s moustached yummy hunk

Everyone has a quirk. Many keep it secret, fearing jokes or sneers at their expense. And that is their choice, but I have decided to stand up and be counted....

Graham Cluley a finalist in the Computer Weekly blog awards

Vote for Cluley (and impress his boss)

Vote for Graham Cluley in the Computer Weekly blog awards. He's up for best security blog and Twitter user of the year. Go on, do it.. it'll make his boss really happy.

Oz election outcome – I was right!

Image (1) 1300th-goal.jpg for post 1606

The dust has finally settled on the Australian federal election. As everyone ought to know, the previous ruling party, and the previous Prime Minister, managed to cling somewhat precariously to power. They didn't really win, since they ended up with Read more…

Name Sophos's new blog, win an iPod Touch

Name Sophos's new blog, win an iPod Touch

It's competition time! We're all very excited here at Sophos Towers because next month we hope to roll out a whole new blog for you, our faithful readers. We'll be bringing together our star bloggers (Chet and Duck, and yours Read more…

Anatomy of an Attack, New York and Toronto

Anatomy of an Attack logo

I am pleased to invite those of you in the greater New York City and Toronto areas to my seminars next week, titled "Anatomy of an Attack: How hackers threaten your security." We have been traveling around North America and Read more…

Help improve our website - take this survey

Help improve our website - take this survey

Patrick in our web team dropped me a note. He and his fellow web wizards are working on a whole new version of the Sophos website, and want your feedback to tell them if they're on the right lines or Read more…

Sophos charters Boeing 737 to rescue staff stranded by volcano fall-out

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Many of you have been following the ongoing saga of the attempts by almost 600 Sophos staff to get home from a conference that we were holding in Berlin. Many of our sales and marketing staff have been stranded in Read more…

Software design lessons learnt from a sleeper train

Image (4) german-train.jpg for post 16281

Rich Baldry, a product manager based in our Vancouver offices, found himself with some time to kill on his (prolonged) journey across Europe this weekend, and has jotted down some thoughts regarding good software design. Over to you Rich.. Along Read more…