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Facebook will show more on-screen privacy setting explanations

Facebook will show more on-screen privacy setting explanations

Facebook admitted that users are confused about privacy. Between a blue privacy dinosaur who's already popping up to remind us to check privacy settings and upcoming on-screen explanations of who's seeing what when we share, we'll all be a bit less muddled.

"David vs Goliath & Godzilla" - Hollywood files lawsuit against Megaupload

Cinema. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

The Kim Dotcom/Megaupload mega-saga continues, with six mammoth movie studios filing suit against what they say is the former file-sharing site's mega-monster-mind-numbingly-massive copyright infringement.

Google takes down fake anti-virus app that duped 10,000 users on Play Store


The Virus Shield app cost $3.99 and claimed to be a scanner that protected Android devices from viruses, while promising to never annoy users with pop-up ads found on many free apps.

Too bad for the 10,000 people who paid for it - Virus Shield was a fake.

Facebook data scraped, people profiled as "jerks" and scammed by, FTC says

Jerk. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. allegedly scraped content from people's Facebook listings, put it up on its site, invited the world to throw rotten fruit at by clicking on a "jerk" or "not a jerk" button, and then had the outrageously uber-jerky jerkiness to charge people $30 to be able to (supposedly but not really) dispute.

Patch Tuesday April 2014 - XP's last breath


Patch Tuesday for April 2014 is here. In addition to being the final Windows XP fix released by Microsoft we have fixes for all versions of Windows, Office and even an Adobe Flash update.

Anatomy of a data leakage bug - the OpenSSL "heartbleed" buffer overflow


An information disclosure vulnerability has been found, and promptly patched, in OpenSSL.

Paul Ducklin takes a look at what went wrong in the code... Lothario cons woman out of her retirement savings Lothario bilks woman out of her retirement savings

A New Jersey, USA, woman lost her retirement savings after she fell for a phony cutie. Here's some advice for internet romancers.

Triathlon camera drone falls out of the sky, owner claims it was hacked

Triathlon camera drone falls out of the sky, owner claims it was hacked

A drone that was supposed to be filming an Australian triathlon fell out of the air and struck a triathlete in the head, sending her to hospital on Sunday. The drone's operator is suggesting hacking via wireless channel-hopping, while others are questioning why the drone was put into use in the race after it had already acted out earlier that day.

Fancy a free upgrade from XP to Windows 8.1? Here's how...


Don't get too excited.

If you're one of those XP users who thinks that Microsoft should support you forever, for nothing, this isn't for you.

But there *are* free Windows licences up for grabs.

The 'Privacy Dinosaur' urges Facebook users to check their privacy settings

The 'Privacy Dinosaur' urges Facebook users to check their privacy settings

Users who haven't adjusted their privacy settings will see the experimental dino-message whenever they attempt to share a status update, link or photo that would otherwise be visible to everyone, hopefully eliminating accidental public postings.

8 charged in AT&T ID theft fraud case, including outsourced contractor

8 charged in AT&T ID theft fraud case

"Authorized users" were added to customers' bank accounts, allowing the alleged fraudsters to request new cards in their names to make purchases and withdraw cash. As with other recent cases, the weak link was supposedly working for AT&T in an outsourced job function.

Microsoft Xbox pwned by 5-year-old security researcher

Xbox pwned by 5-year-old security researcher

He got in through a backdoor in Microsoft's smashingly popular video gaming system - as in, straight in to all the slobbering zombies and screaming violence that his parents would never have let him play with.

Monday review - the hot 23 stories of the week

Monday review

Get yourself up to date with everything we've written in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

Patch Tuesday for April 2014 - it's Goodbye, Farewell and Amen for Windows XP


The date's been in our diaries since 2007.

But even with seven years to prepare for it, you'll be forgiven for approaching the April 2014 Patch Tuesday with a bit of a lump in your throat.

Adieu, XP.

Apple patch out, Fake support bust, Liquor store leak - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How long did Apple leave holes in Safari? What punishment can a convicted support call scammer expect? And what happens when a liquor store springs a leak?

Find out in 60 Second Security. the security news video that only takes a minute...

Google takes aim at deceptive advertising of Play Store apps


Google has announced updates to its developer policies for the Play Store app market to ban certain types of misleading and underhanded advertising behavior.

We look at three apps that use now-forbidden promotional tactics, plus we offer security tips to help you avoid unwanted and malicious apps.

Facebook bug bounty program paid out $1.5m in 2013


According to newly published figures, Facebook paid out around $1.5m (about £900,000) in 2013 through its vulnerability research program, spread between 330 researchers.

Apple updates OS X Safari - patches a year's worth of holes, but not on Snow Leopard


In all the excitement over the End of Windows XP and next Tuesday's Ultimate Update...

...we sort of forgot to write about Apple.

Here's the scoop on the lates OS X Safari browser update, patching 27 vulnerabilities.

Her website was hacked away; here's how she got it back

Her website was hacked away; here's how she got it back

"Pfft! What's all the fuss about site hijacking? Just send a few emails and get it fixed!" Well, that's what Jordan Reid thought before her domain got held for ransom. She's since changed her tune, after her own site got whisked away and put on the auction block. Here's how she got it back.

Revealed - the most eclectic spam in the world!


When we write about spams and spammers, it's usually as part of a security warning.

But from time to time, we write about them simply because they've made us laugh.

This is one of those times...