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Anatomy of a security hole - Google's "Android Master Key" debacle explained


This month's "computer security elephant in the room" story is the news of a gaping security hole in Android application security.

Paul Ducklin gives you a visual explanation of what the problem is all about, and offers some simple advice.

Google files patent to let you unlock your phone by grimacing at it

Google files patent to let you unlock your phone by grimacing at it

The patent covers technology to match at least one facial landmark between the pre-funny-face and during-funny-face images. If Google develops the technology, we can prepare ourselves for grimacing public displays and associated melodroidma.

Monday review - the hot 15 stories of the week

Monday review

It's weekly roundup time. Here's all the great stuff we've written in the past seven days.

Android malware, Liberty Reserve, CSAW, Legal ransomware - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Watch our 60 Second Security videos and arm yourself with anecdotes you can use when your friends or colleagues ask you, "Do I really need to worry about things like privacy and security?"

Android malware in pictures - a blow-by-blow account of mobile scareware

Fake anti-virus is mostly for Windows, with OS X a long way back in second place. But other operating systems aren't exempt from the depredations of cybercriminals.

Paul Ducklin shows you round some recently-discovered Android scareware...

Pentagon OKs Androids, BlackBerrys for soldiers

Pentagon OKs Androids, BlackBerrys for soldiers

The US Department of Defense has approved the use of Samsung phones running "Knox," a hardened version of Android.

Monday review - the hot 20 stories of the week

Monday review

Catch up with all the security news from the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

Google tightens up Play Store policy, officially bans "off-market" updates...

Google has made a number of changes to its Android Play Store ecosystem recently.

There's now a rudimentary anti-virus provided with the OS, a ban on ad blockers, and, most recently, an official policy on sneaky "off-market" updates...

SSCC 107 - Hostgator, Safari, Java, pwning planes with Android, and Facebook Home [PODCAST]


Here's the latest episode in the popular "Chet Chat" series.

Join Chet and Duck as they discuss what we can learn from recent security news in this quarter-hour podcast.

Monday review - the hot 21 stories of the week

Monday review

In case you missed anything, here's everything we wrote in the past seven days.

Facebook Home - Great if you think privacy is dead


Facebook has introduced a new way to utilize its services on Android mobile phones. Facebook Home streamlines keeping in touch with friends, their photos, Likes and shares. The issue is how it impacts your privacy, even if you choose not to use it yourself.

Google tells ad-blocking utilities on Android: "You're fired!" [POLL]


Today, Google did a Donald Trump, as good as saying to a number of popular ad-blocking programs, "You're fired!"

Paul Ducklin investigates, and asks what this means for security vendors, who also aim to help you block things you don't want...

Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week


Catch up with anything you might have missed last week – it’s weekly roundup time.

Can freezing an Android device crack its encryption keys?

Will chilling an Android phone to -15°C freeze the encryption keys into memory? And if so, can you use a modified version of Android to dig them out?

German researchers had a crack at it - Paul Ducklin takes a look at how things turned out.

Monday review - the hot 24 stories of the week


It's weekly roundup time.

Here's everything we've written in the past seven days.

Fake Plants vs Zombies and other Android games infiltrate Google Play store, make money for fraudsters

Fake Plants vs Zombies Android game infiltrates Google Play store, makes money for fraudsters

Is Google doing a good enough job of policing apps in the official Android app store?

It seems not.

How do you compare to Steve Wozniak? Take our survey and (maybe) win a new iPad Mini


Last year, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak showed off his travel backpack to Gizmodo readers. He needed a whopping seven containers to get through airport security!

Question is how do the rest of us compare. Tell us what you lug around and have a chance of winning an iPad Mini.

Monday review - the hot 22 stories of the week


Here you go.

All the stories we wrote in the past seven days, in case you missed anything (or just want to read them again).

A chink in Android Armour


SophosLabs process thousands of Android apps daily with many applications approaching the fine line between the completely legitimate and potentially unwanted applications.

Android Armour a premium priced security app was particularly well represented in the incoming stream of samples. Vanja Svajcer investigates why.

Securing a tablet for web browsing in six easy steps

Securing a tablet for web browsing in six easy steps

Taking your tablet online can make you vulnerable to an assortment of internet dangers, including identity theft and hackers. This is especially true if you’re taking advantage of a public hotspot rather than your home network.

Follow these simple steps to ensure safe and secure browsing no matter where you are.