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Security Essentials: What is PCI DSS?


Many of us know what PCI DSS stands for, but we haven't actually read through the standard.

John Shier was one of them - so he decided to put things to rights...

Microsoft breathes a tiny bit of life back into XP - but still says, "Time to move on!"


Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP will keep on going until June 2015.

Is this a signal from Microsoft that it's OK to keep using XP past the April 2014 "end of support" deadline?

FTC slapdown, no iPhone for Mr President, and Dutch banks get tough - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

How could the brightest flashlight leave you in the dark? Do you need to close Joel's Backdoor? Why can't the President choose his own phone? Should you update your anti-virus before you bank online?

Find out in 60 Second Security!

4 free tools for Cyber Security Awareness Month - and beyond!


It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so we've been urging you to get more serious about security.

A number of you have replied, "Where do I start? What should I do?"

Here are 4 free tools to help you on your way...

Who is SophosLabs: Numaan Huq, Threat Researcher

Who is SophosLabs

SophosLabs is at the centre of Sophos. It's where highly skilled analysts work round the clock to build protection from the latest threats. But what kind of people work there?

Google tightens up Play Store policy, officially bans "off-market" updates...

Google has made a number of changes to its Android Play Store ecosystem recently.

There's now a rudimentary anti-virus provided with the OS, a ban on ad blockers, and, most recently, an official policy on sneaky "off-market" updates...

How do you know if an anti-virus test is any good?

The truth behind antivirus comparative tests: valuable or useless?

Anti-virus tests are a bit of a minefield. Why are they all different? How do you know who to believe? What makes one test better than another, or are they all equally brilliant/useless/biased/random? John Hawes takes a look.

Is security really dead? Perhaps it's your lack of depth


There is a lot of talk in the security industry about how much everything sucks. While no individual solution is a silver bullet for solving your security woes, but we shouldn't forget that an effective defense requires depth.

Is Google about to start scanning your Android for malware?

Is Google about to start scanning your Android for malware?

A new edition of the Google Play app (Android's equivalent to the iOS App Store) appears to be preparing to add anti-virus functionality to the mobile operating system.

New updated Virus Removal Tool from Sophos now available


Sophos has just released an updated version of its free and very popular Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

Monday review: the hot 26 stories of the week

Monday review: the hot 26 stories of the week

Here's a list of all the stories we've written in the last week, in case you missed any (or if you just want to read them again).

In memoriam - Alan Turing's 100th birthday

In memoriam - Alan Turing's 100th birthday

Alan Turing is probably best known to the public for his cryptanalytical derring-do at Bletchley Park, UK, during the Second World War.

But it is Turing's ever-present Halting Problem which teaches us the most about modern-day computer security. We salute his pioneering work.

Revealed! The top five Android malware detected in the wild

Revealed! The top five Android malware detected in the wild

No-one is in any doubt that Android malware is on the rise - but what is the most commonly encountered malware on the platform?

Find out, and download a free anti-virus for your Android device.

One weekend, one million jailbreakers - what should Apple do next?

One weekend, one million jailbreakers - what should Apple do next?

Last weekend, Chronic Dev tweeted about the latest jailbreak tool for Apple's iDevices. In just two days, nearly one million people used it.

With such clear minority interest in jailbreaking, what should Apple do next?

Sophos anti-virus for Android updated - beta now works on tablets too!

Sophos anti-virus for Android beta updated - now for tablets too!

The beta version of Sophos Mobile Security for Android has been updated to support tablets.

Download a free copy now and tell us what you think!

Iran makes its own anti-virus software - would you buy it?

Iran makes its own anti-virus software - would you buy it?

Iran is reported to have started making its own anti-virus software.

Would you buy it?

"Anti-virus is no good" - discuss

Anti-virus - is the glass half-empty, or half-full?

Security professionals, analysts, journalists and people in the pub: there's a vocal minority in all those groups which likes to be heard to say, "Anti-virus isn't good enough for today's threats".

But is it true? Paul Ducklin has his say.

Is Google Bouncer going to bounce all malware from the Android Market?


Google has pleasantly surprised the mobile malware research community when it announced yesterday that Android apps are analysed for malicious behavior before being allowed onto the Android Market, but is it all good news? Vanja Svajcer, Sophos Principal Researcher, investigates.

XXX porn web domain names now up for grabs

Women more in favour of porn filters than men

Pornography domain names ending in .xxx are now up for general sale, with 100,000 having already been snatched up in a previous, restricted sale.

All registered .xxx sites will be scanned for malware daily, but don't trust that to replace up-to-date anti-virus software.

Windows 8 anti-virus has a long way to go


When testing the included unmanaged anti-virus in Windows 8 I ran across an odd quirk. It doesn't detect EICAR properly. I present my results and what to expect in this article.