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"Catch me if you can", alleged burglar posts on Facebook - so they did, in 5 minutes

Catch me if you can, alleged burglar posts on Facebook - so they did, in under 5 minutes

That might be his last Facebook posting for some time.

Thieves may have used GPS to track burglary victim

Thieves may have used GPS to track US burglary victim

The owner of a jewelry store believes that one or more burglars stuck GPS devices on her car and on her son's car. That, she figures, enabled them to track when her house would likely be empty so they could break in.

Burglar who stole Steve Jobs's iPad gets seven years

Kariem McFarlin pleaded guilty to a range of burglary offences including one of the home of Steve Jobs's widow.

He got seven years. How do you think this compares with cybercrime sentencing?

Truly embarrassing Facebook status updates exposed by website


Remember, if you post updates publicly, potential or current employers have a harbor-front seat to whatever flavor of debauchery floats your boat.

Burglars notify Brooklyn police of crimes via Facebook status updates

Accused burglars' Facebook status updates very helpful to Brooklyn police 'friend'

Some people still haven't learnt that you should be careful of who you friend on Facebook, and what you post online.

Which, in some cases, is good news for the police.

Burglar uploads his picture to Facebook victim's account

Burglar uploads his picture to Facebook victim's account

Do you recognise this man?

A thief can't resist the temptation of uploading images of him committing a crime, to his victim's own Facebook account.

Facebook burglary gang suspects arrested by police

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Police in Nashua, New Hampshire, have arrested a group of men suspected of being part of a burglary ring that targeted Facebook users who had reported they were away from home. According to local news reports, between $100,000 to $200,000 Read more…

Woman's Facebook status invites a burglar

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Keri McMullen says that her house was burgled after she updated her Facebook status to say that she was going to a concert. Keri, and her boyfriend Kurt Pendleton, left a message on Facebook saying that they were heading out Read more…