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UK gov wants to censor legal but "unsavoury" YouTube content

UK gov wants to censor legal but "unsavoury" YouTube content

The UK government wants the power to pull "unsavoury" content - with an eye trained on terrorist material in particular - regardless of whether it's illegal or not.

Facebook re-allows the posting of decapitation videos with 'WARNING'

Facebook re-allows the posting of decapitation videos with 'WARNING'

Facebook temporarily banned decapitation videos in May after receiving complaints about the potential of long-term psychological damage from watching such horrific material, but has since quietly changed its stance.

HTTP error code 451: "Unavailable For Legal Reasons"


You're probably familiar with the number 404: "Web Page Does Not Exist."

But you probably haven't heard of 451, a new proposal with an interesting etymology.

Paul Ducklin takes a look...

Will web censorship plans make your kids safer? [POLL]


Do you think that ISPs and search engines are doing enough to keep your children safe online? The UK government doesn't and so yesterday they went out to bat for the kids. Tell us if you think what they're proposing will help.

US Army blocks access to The Guardian's coverage of NSA surveillance

US Army blocks access to The Guardian's coverage of NSA surveillance

The US Army has been blocking access to the The Guardian's ongoing coverage of NSA data surveillance ever since the publication broke the story.

Nuclear power plant cybersecurity warnings silenced by legal threats

Nuclear power plant cybersecurity warnings silenced by legal threats

One vendor's threat to sue has resulted in two canceled talks about a nuclear power plant's potential vulnerabilities to cyber-attack.

Free speech advocates say UK is too harsh in policing tweets

Free speech advocates say UK is too harsh in policing tweets

The UK is one of the world's leaders in tweeting, but academics and free speech advocates warn that the British government's heavy-handed response to tasteless and offensive tweets could have a chilling effect.

Judge ordering blocks to Pirate Bay is corrupt, says Pirate Party founder


The judge who ordered blocks to Pirate Bay sites is alleged to have 1) a history of handing down verdicts that violate free speech and 2) been making some cash on the side by teaching alongside the plaintiff in an anti-piracy course.

The Pirate Bay gives thumbs-down on Anonymous DDoS attack on Virgin Media


File-sharing site The Pirate Bay has denounced an Anonymous DDoS campaign that took down Virgin Media, calling it an "ugly" method that's no better than the UK court order for ISPs to block users from getting to The Pirate Bay.

Pirate Party censored from helping people bypass Pirate Bay block


Dutch court orders the Pirate Party, a political party in favour of free sharing of information and data, remove all links and workaround instructions on how to bypass the ISP block on The Pirate Bay.

#EPICFAIL Pirate Bay block backfires with work-around published online

Pirate Bay logo

UK Courts have forced big ISPs to block access to Pirate Bay, but the effort seems to have backfired spectacularly: the file-sharing site enjoyed "12 million more visitors than it has ever had" yesterday. Find out why...

New Bill in the UK wants internet to be censored from porn by default

feet drawing 250

A new Bill wants to protect children by requiring all users to opt-in if they want to access porn. This would create a system of censorship by default. Is this necessary when parents already have access to porn-management tools?

Activists creating decentralized mesh networks that can't be blocked, filtered or silenced

Internet world image, courtesy of Shutterstock

In the face of an internet that can be controlled all too easily by corporations and regimes, activists are building alternative mesh networks that can never be blocked, filtered or shut down.

Spam from Egypt vanishes after cutting off internet access


SophosLabs data confirms the nearly total isolation of Egypt from the internet. Spam received from Egyptian IP addresses has dropped more than 85% in the last 48 hours.

Firesheep author takes backhanded pot-shot at free speech

FireSheep and freedom of speech

Two weeks ago, an automatic session-hijacking plugin was released for Firefox. It was named Firesheep, and it's been downloaded over 600,000 times so far.

Yet the decision to release Firesheep publicly is a controversial one.

Youth banned from Facebook - then allowed back if insecure


In an interesting judicial twist and counter-twist, a juvenile scofflaw in San Diego has been banned, and then unbanned, from using sites such as Facebook. He can now use Facebook, but only insecurely!

Is pornography only skin deep?

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Looking through news sites I encountered articles about a full-frontal pin-up calendar ("EIZO - Pin-up Calendar 2010") that shows a young lady more exposed than any I have seen before. Yet this calendar is reproduced on various respectable websites. It Read more…

US takes aim at Australian head-in-sand internet security

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According to media reports in Australia, even the US Department of State is now laying into the Rudd government's internet filtering plan. According to The Punch, the Americans are against the Australian proposal because it "runs contrary to stated US Read more…

Australian Taxation Office scammers strike yet again

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Scammers have targeted the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) once again, offering a tax refund which you can search for and claim on-line. The emails are obviously fakes (the from addresses are garbage, the link in the email doesn't go to Read more…

An essay on Australian internet filtering

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The dust is starting to settle after the Australian government's announcement three days ago that it will legislate in 2010 to compel Australian ISPs to censor local internet access. The cabinet minister in charge of the project, Stephen Conroy, infamously Read more…