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Is data privacy more important than ever?

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This article is inspired by another piece we've published today in which John Bryan asks 'is data privacy an out of date concept?' I think we all have a responsibility to ourselves and the younger generation to take greater steps to protect our data - we can't know the significance of exposure today on our lives tomorrow.

Target missed multiple warnings that credit card data breach was underway

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Target's sophisticated security system went on full alert after detecting malware on the company’s network on 30 November last year and could have prevented the theft of 40 million credit and debit card numbers a few days later, according to a new report.

2013 an epic year for data breaches with over 800 million records lost

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If it felt like the last year saw more and bigger data breaches than usual, well, that's because it did.

Kickstarter breached - change your passwords

Kickstarter Breach

Hackers gained unauthorised access to crowdfunding site earlier this week. Compromised details include usernames, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and password hashes. Kickstarter users should change their passwords immediately.

"Smarter, shadier, stealthier" - Security Threat Report 2014 helps you understand the enemy


Our latest Security Threat Report is out!

It's a free download (no registration required), and we think you're going to love it, because it paints a fascinating picture of the evolving threat from cybercrime...

Bitcoin millionaire throws $7.5m virtual currency in the bin

Bitcoin wallets: Protect your digital currency

When it comes to electronic devices, bad things do happen. Components fail, power outages do occur, files can be accidentally deleted... oh and millions of dollars worth of Bitcoins can be chucked in the bin.

Loyaltybuild attack: 500,000 people may have had credit card details stolen

Loyaltybuild attack: 500,000 potential victims of credit card detail theft

Thousands of people across Europe and, more specifically, in Ireland have had their credit card and personal details stolen after a company which runs reward schemes was hacked.

Adobe, Android and CryptoLocker - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Which pets make the best/worst passwords?

How many times did Google make the same coding blunder?

Find out this and more in our one-minute wrapup of the week's security lessons!

SSCC 121 - WordPress, OS X, iCloud, smartphone tracking and medical devices [PODCAST]


By popular demand, the Chet Chat has gone back to a weekly format, so your favourite security podcast will now be appearing twice as frequently!

Listen to Chet and Duck in the latest episode...

2 years in federal prison for trash-searching student aid fraudster


A Florida man will go to prison for defrauding student aid accounts, while his two fellow-conspirators have been given probation and community sentences.

The group's techniques should serve as a reminder that it's not just the information stored on our computers that we need to keep secure.

US health care company faces giant class action suit for losing over 4,000,000 unencrypted records


To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: "To lose one patient record may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose 4,000,000 looks like carelessness."

How four stolen computers led to a huge class action lawsuit...

Lawyers report steep rise in employee data theft cases

UK law firm EMW has reported a sharp rise in confidential data theft cases brought before the High Court.

Is that because data control is becoming laxer, or actually because things are tightening up so that more crooks are getting caught?

Monday review - the hot 19 stories of the week

Monday review

Catch up with everything we've written in the last seven days with our handy roundup.

Leak of kids' social services info earns Aberdeen City Council £100k fine


Aberdeen City Council has been hit with a £100,000 fine after an employee took sensitive files home and accidentally uploaded them to a public website.

The data included information on vulnerable children and details of alleged crimes.

Webhosting management company cPanel suffers break-in, lets slip customers' root passwords


Webhosting management company cPanel recently announced a worrying sort of compromise: the possible theft of its customers' root passwords.

Paul Ducklin looks at what happened, and what's being done to avoid a repeat of this worrying situation...

Google says it is winning the war against Gmail account hijackers


Account takeovers are down a mammoth 99.7% compared with what they were at the height of the spear-phishing plague of 2011, the company (rightfully) brags.

Do not relax: such success doesn't let us users off the hook when it comes to account security beef-up.

Canada Student Loans borrowers in giant data breach - 583,000 records gone

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada has admitted that the personal information of more than 500,000 student borrowers has gone missing, lost on an unencrypted removable hard disk.

Ouch! Haven't we learned to encrypt our customers' data yet?

Cracked passwords from the alleged 'Egyptian hacker' Adobe breach

Cracked passwords from the alleged 'Egyptian hacker' Adobe breach

An allegedly Egyptian hacker going by the name ViruS_HimA has allegedly hacked into Adobe.

Wherever the data actually comes from, it reveals yet more poor password hygiene at both the client and the server...find out just how bad.

Flashing on the Queen's highway can reveal your identity - a cautionary tale


How cautious are you about identity theft? Are you a flasher or a hider?

Here's Sam's cautionary tale...

Beware dodgy computer repair work - your data is at risk along with your wallet

Beware dodgy computer repair work - your data is at risk along with your wallet

Passing off old as new is dishonest in any industry - but it's more dangerous in some than in others.

Hard disks may not wear out like chainsaw blades or cam belts - it's not what they may have lost in their life so far, but in what they have gained: other people's data.