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Breach at eBay, bugs in Chip-and-PIN, busts for Blackshades - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Will the breach at eBay beat Adobe for size? Is Chip and PIN really as safe as they say? How many countries took action busting malware crooks?

All the answers in 60 Sec Security for 24 May 2014...

Rudest man in Linuxdom rants about randomness - "We actually know what we are doing. You don't."


Yet more "NSA cracked my crypto" conspiracy, and this time, the rudest man in Linuxdom is in the thick of it!

Windows Picture Passwords - are they really as "easily crackable" as everyone's saying?


Following a USENIX paper about the security of Windows Picture Passwords, you may have read that they are "easily crackable."

Paul Ducklin wondered about that, and tried to come up with a balanced view...

Anatomy of a brute force attack - how important is password complexity?


Is eight characters enough for a password?

If not, what about nine?

Anatomy of a pseudorandom number generator - visualising Cryptocat's buggy PRNG


Paul Ducklin digs into one of the cryptographic flaws recently found in Cryptocat, a secure messaging application.

Don't worry if you aren't a statistician or a computer scientist...Duck doesn't get very mathematical, and has produced some very groovy images!

Anatomy of a bug - misplaced parenthesis threatens NetBSD's random numbers


NetBSD recently patched a programming bug in its kernel that affected the sanctity of the operating system's random numbers.

One lousy parenthesis misplaced by just two characters...

Kim Dotcom takes issue with critics taking issue with his new MEGA service

The party-time news of the past weekend was the launch of Kim Dotcom's comeback file sharing service, Mega.

Crypto critics have already taken issue with some aspects of Mega's implementation, and Dotcom has taken issue right back at them...

Researchers take another crack at SSL

Researchers take another crack at SSL

Just how unique is is your private key?

Is there a chance that someone else, without any malice aforethought, might unexpectedly end up with a key pair that is identical or at least dangerously similar to yours?