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SSCC 122 - Facebook hoax, Microsoft 0-day, Android hole and Firefox going forward [PODCAST]


What a coincidence! A Facebook hoax claming that images can infect your computer...and then a Microsoft zero-day that uses images to infect your computer.

Chet and Duck talk you through the latest news...

NSA, Apple, Facebook and Adobe - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


A touch of fun but with a serious side - and only a minute to watch it.

Give our weekly "60 Second Security" video a whirl today...

Facebook mulls silently tracking users' cursor movements to see which ads we like best

Facebook silently tracking users' cursors to see which ads float our boats

It's easier than tracking our eyeballs, and as it turns out, our mouse movements and hovers correlate quite well to where our gazes wander. That, of course, is a tasty way to amass a few more oceans' worth of data about Facebook users and how much time we look at those nice, revenue-producing ads.

Please don't spread the Facebook "giraffe picture" hoax!


A bizarre warning is circulating on Facebook urging you not to change your profile picture to a giraffe.

It's a hoax - so please don't spread it, even if you think it's amusing: false alarms just make us collectively less likely to react when there really is a problem.

Facebook re-allows the posting of decapitation videos with 'WARNING'

Facebook re-allows the posting of decapitation videos with 'WARNING'

Facebook temporarily banned decapitation videos in May after receiving complaints about the potential of long-term psychological damage from watching such horrific material, but has since quietly changed its stance.

Facebook and Twitter musings give employers a peek into our real selves, research finds

Facebook and Twitter musings give employers a peek into our real selves, research finds

It seemed like common sense to employers, but research shows that yes, actually, bad-mouthing and posting about a wild partying life does work against potential job candidates.

Facebook ban sought for 15-year-old who ambushed and beat autistic child

Facebook ban sought for 15-year-old who ambushed and beat autistic child

A 15-year-old Canadian girl from Nova Scotia has pleaded guilty to a vicious, planned attack on a female, autistic student, and an attorney is seeking to ban her from social media as part of her sentencing.

Facebook privacy, Google ads, D-Link security, CryptoLocker ransom - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


What leaves your computer standing but your data in ruins? Should Facebook teenagers be able to message the world? How can you stop Google using your photo in ads?

Find out in this week's Sophos 60 Second Security!

Public Facebook posting leads to arrest of suspected burglar

Public Facebook posting leads to arrest of suspected burglar

An elderly couple was physically and verbally abused and held at knifepoint in their home. A suspect has now been seized, thanks to the couple's granddaughter having posted a description publicly on Facebook that then went viral. Sounds good, but beware: viral manhunts like this can go very bad, very fast.

Party advertised on Facebook leads to 600 gatecrashers and one very trashed home

£1 million London home trashed by 600 gatecrashers tipped off via Facebook

A £1 million ($1.6 million) London home has been redecorated with vomit-saturated furniture and other dubious items, all courtesy of 600 gatecrashers who showed up after a party was posted on Facebook with the toggle set to "public".

Creepy T-shirts designed to baffle Facebook facial-recognition software

Creepy shirts designed to baffle Facebook facial-reconition software

How do you fight facial recognition? You could always swap out your profile picture for that of your pet, or - this option just in - buy a T-shirt printed with creepily distorted faces of celebrity impersonators, designed to give Facebook's facial recognition technology a migraine.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 10th anniversary, 10 topical tales


October 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the USA's annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM).

So we thought we'd come up with 10 topics, in vaguely chronological order, that have burst into our collective security concerns at various times in the last decade.

Copying fingerprints, Firefox trusted, Facebook not, Yahoo recycles - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How do you copy fingerprints? Which is the most trustworthy browser? Who will use Facebook for payments? How long does an email address live?

Satisfy your curiosity with this week's 60 Second Security!

Facebook finally wins $3 million payout in Power Ventures spam lawsuit

Facebook finally wins $3 million payout in Power Ventures spam lawsuit

Power Ventures lured Facebook users into handing over access to their contact lists, then spammed everyone they knew with emails urging them to join their site. Now that Facebook has won its five-year legal battle, has it earned back some trust?

Facebook wants to auto-fill your credit card details - would you trust it? [POLL]

Facebook wants to simplify online shopping by auto-filling your credit card details [POLL]

Facebook wants to PayPal-ishly handle some aspects of online payment to make our mobile checkouts simpler, but would you trust it with your credit card details?

Teen privacy "eviscerated" by planned Facebook changes

Teenagers' privacy "eviscerated" by planned Facebook changes

A coalition of US groups that advocate for teenagers is crying foul over proposed changes to Facebook policy that would rubber-stamp the use of teenagers' names, images and personal information to endorse products in advertisements.

Facebook apologizes for dating ads featuring photos of suicide victim


Rehtaeh Parsons killed herself after allegedly being gang-raped and suffering cyberbullying when photos of the alleged attack went viral. The dating company has since gone offline, and its Facebook account has been shuttered.

Half of Facebook-quitters leave over privacy concerns

Half of Facebook-quitters leave over privacy concerns

Research from the University of Vienna has found that 48.3% of those who left Facebook did so because of concerns over privacy.

Monday review - the hot 24 stories of the week

Monday review

Missed anything last week? Catch up with everything we talked about with our weekly roundup.

Facebook realities, OS X patched, Yahoo! CEO security! shocker! - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How realistic are you about your Facebook posts? Why should you encrypt your hard disks? Why doesn't the Yahoo! CEO use a passcode on her phone?

Watch this week's 60 Second Security and find out!