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Find and Call - is it *really* the first malware in the iOS App Store?

Find and Call - iOS malware?

The first malicious app in the iPhone app store!

That's what the headlines said. But is it really the case that "Find and Call" is malware?

How secure are Apple's iPhone and iPad from malware, really?


In the five years since the first iPhone was released, there has never been a serious known case of iOS malware on an non-jailbroken device.

But should users really be congratulating Apple for iOS devices' apparent security?

Apple's Siri voiceprints raise privacy concerns

Apple's Siri voiceprints raise privacy concerns

Most of us likely wouldn't want Apple to store a copy of our DNA or our fingerprints, but that's pretty much what it's doing with another one of our biometric identifiers: namely, our voices.

Apple: Androids are much less likely to be running an up-to-date OS than iPhones and iPads


Over 80% of iPhone and iPad users are running iOS 5. That compares to a paltry 7% of Android customers who are up-to-date and running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on their smartphones and tablets.

Apple's iCloud syncs stolen iPhone photos to nab thief

Apple's iCloud syncs stolen iPhone photos to nab thief

A Facebook user used Apple's iCloud to identify the thief who stole her iPhone on a Disney cruise. While an interesting story, what can you do to better protect your smartphone or tablet to not have to repeat this process if your device is stolen?

Magic mirror on the wall, what's the best smartphone of all?


Until last week, iPhone's Siri would respond to "What is the best smartphone?" with - gulp - iPhone's competitor Nokia Lumia 900. This "bug" has now been fixed by Apple, but Nokia are making sure everyone is aware that Apple is overriding the software.

Smartphones: which one do you like best?

smartphones: which is the best?

Which is the better smartphone choice: iPhone, Android, Blackberry? Which is most secure? Check out what Naked Security readers thought, and take the chance to have your say.

iPhone app 'Lock My Screen'? Well, no, it doesn't actually


iPhone users are being tricked into buying a phony screen-lock app, which is actually nothing more than a wallpaper.

Facebook logins aren't being properly protected on iPhones, iPads and Android devices

Facebook logins aren't being properly protected on iPhones, iPads and Android devices

Facebook login credentials could be lifted from smartphones because the site is not encrypting the sensitive data on iOS and Android devices.

Watch out! iPhone 5 giveaway events on Facebook are clearly scams

iPhone 5 giveaway events on Facebook are clearly scams

Have you received an event invitation today about how free iPhone 5s are being given away on Facebook?


Updated: Serious security hole in iOS 5.1? Perhaps not..

Serious security hole in iOS 5.1: Your iPhone/iPad isn't locked

Is iOS 5.1 allowing people to access your iPhone or iPad without a pass code? Perhaps not, but we were duped!

Twitter tarnished by iPhone contact scandal

twitterbird ooops

As Twitter admits that its mobile apps, once installed, download and store your private phonebook information, and Apple get grilled by a congressional inquiry about privacy, we ask whether consumers should be treated a little less like cattle and a bit more like valued customers?

Apple supplier Foxconn hacked not for bad factory conditions but for kicks

hacked computer

Foxconn, a Taiwanese manufacturer of Apple's iPhone and iPad infamous for inhumane working conditions, has been hacked by a group calling itself Swagg Security.

Path and Hipster iPhone apps leak sensitive data without notification


iPhone app developers Path and Hipster are in hot water after it was discovered they are sending your address book to their servers without permission.

USA to equip military, government officials with Androids


The United States is preparing a modified version of Google's Android operating system to allow soldiers to use smartphones.

Fake Camera+ app hits the iPhone App Store

Fake Camera+ app

Be careful what applications you install on your computing devices - even if they come from Apple's iPhone/iPad App Store.

Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S finally fall to jailbreakers


Apple's most hacker-resistant hardware to date - the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, which are built around the Apple A5 chip - can now be jailbroken.

Should you rush to slither free of Apple's fiscal tentacles?

Hacker exposes Grindr users' intimate information and explicit photos

Hacker exposes Grindr users' intimate chats and explicit photos

A popular smartphone app used by the gay community to hook-up with similarly-minded people in their vicinity suffers from a serious security vulnerability that could expose personal information and explicit photos that they have been sent.

Is Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg giving away free iPhones and iPads?

Is Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg giving away free iPhones and iPads?

Has Apple really partnered up with Facebook? Is the social network really giving away free Apple iPhones and iPads to randomly selected individuals?