North Korea

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DarkSeoul: SophosLabs identifies malware used in South Korean internet attack

Internet attack hits South Korean banks and broadcasters

Computer networks belonging to South Korean TV broadcasters and at least two major banks have been disrupted by what some have suggested was a malicious internet attack originating in North Korea.

North Korea uses infected games to DDoS South Korea

North Korea uses infected games to DDoS South Korea

South Korean police have arrested a man from Seoul on suspicion of working with North Korea to develop games infected with spyware.

South Korea launches its cyberwarfare command centre


South Korea is reportedly officially launching its cyberwarfare command centre today. The unit, which will be manned by some 200 computer technicians, is designed to counter the threat of Chinese hackers and the much-rumoured North Korean cyberwarfare division, which has Read more…

Republican urges Obama to launch cyber attack against North Korea

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Congressman Peter Hoekstra, the lead Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, has urged President Barack Obama to launch a "show of force or strength" against North Korea, for its alleged part in a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks in the Read more…

Cyberwarfare unit operating out of North Korea?

Cyberwarfare unit operating out of North Korea?

Intelligence services in Seoul are claiming that North Korea has set up a specialist cyberwarfare brigade, designed to use technology usually used by hackers to steal information from enemy countries and disrupt rival military networks in South Korea and the Read more…

Sex, spyware and North and South Korea

Sex, spyware and North and South Korea

It's time to add North Korea to this year's roll call of countries accused of engaging in cyber warfare - using malicious software to spy on and steal secrets from their national enemies. Already in 2008, readers of the Sophos Read more…