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PCI DSS - What's new in v3.0?

PCI DSS - What's new in v3.0?

If the PCI DSS applies to your business you should also know that the document has been updated. With nearly 100 changes, the current version has incremented one full revision and stands at v3.0. We focus on some of the changes and their impact.

Security Essentials: What is PCI DSS?


Many of us know what PCI DSS stands for, but we haven't actually read through the standard.

John Shier was one of them - so he decided to put things to rights...

American retailer Genesco sues Visa, demands $13m in PCI-DSS data breach fines paid back

Genesco, a massive American retailer, suffered an intrusion by cybercrooks in 2010. It was subsequently "fined" over $10m by the payment card industry.

Now it wants its money back...

Point-of-Sale malware attacks – crooks expand their reach, no business too small


SophosLabs has been tracking a set of incidents involving Point-of-Sale malware.

The crooks have added a few tricks over the last 15 months.

Find out what's new, and why no business can "fly under the radar" of cybercrime...

Stuxnet begone! Can we worry about EFTPOS now, please?

Image (2) circuit-board.jpg for post 36136

Stuxnet, the malware story which refuses to die, has dominated recent security media coverage. Firstly, Stuxnet targets the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) used in plants and factories. Secondly, Stuxnet's prevalence was apparently greatest in Iran, giving hyperbolistas plenty to dine out on.