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Global Payments breach continues to bewilder, accusations abound

Global Payments breach continues to bewilder, accusations abound

The fallout from the breach of payment card processor Global Payments continues to widen, yet more information does not bring more clarity. Banks are uncovering more fraud related to the incident, but information about the theft is not being released by Global Payments.

Stratfor's back, defiant but blushing over unencrypted subscriber data


George Fried,an, CEO of Stratfor, came forth with a public statement explaining what happened in the attacks against his company last December. He admitted fault, took responsibility and accused Anonymous of censorship that doesn't come openly from governments, but rather from people hiding behind masks.

Steam goes public on data breach - but will it delay the launch of Skyrim?


Steam, the online empire of computer game behemoth Valve Corporation, has issued details of the hack it suffered last weekend.

If you're a Steam user, find out what you should be doing next...

Stuxnet begone! Can we worry about EFTPOS now, please?

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Stuxnet, the malware story which refuses to die, has dominated recent security media coverage. Firstly, Stuxnet targets the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) used in plants and factories. Secondly, Stuxnet's prevalence was apparently greatest in Iran, giving hyperbolistas plenty to dine out on.

PCI data security song [VIDEO]


If your company handles customer credit card payments from the likes of Visa, Mastercard and American Express, then it's paramount that you keep that information securely. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has created a data security standard, explaining how firms Read more…