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Surprise! First ever Facebook "Government Requests" report reveals the most inquisitive authorities...

Facebook Government Requests logo on flag

Facebook has released its first ever Global Government Requests Report, listing all the national authorities that have requested access to information on its users.

Don't want "the man" to know about it? Don't share it!

Next version of the web will have resistance to surveillance at its core


The Internet Engineering Task Force is planning changes to the fundamental protocol that powers the web to make it more resistant to surveillance.

Why we should still be worried about what Google said regarding Gmail privacy

Google says Gmail users can't expect privacy

Last week a furore erupted over a statement Google made about privacy - it was widely interpreted as having said that Gmail users could have no legitimate expectation of privacy. Then Google was widely re-interpreted as not having said that. So what happened, what did it say, and now that the mistake has been corrected is everything rosy in the garden?

Android randomness, Sniffer dustbins, Unpatch Wednesday, ATM skimming - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How does a bug in Android put your Bitcoins at risk? Why did the City of London bin its bins? What was Unpatch Wednesday? What to do with a 3D printer after you've made your own gun?

Find out in 60 seconds!

Google says people can't expect privacy when sending to Gmail

Google says Gmail users can't expect privacy

In a motion to dismiss a lawsuit over its data-mining of email, Google says people shouldn't expect privacy when they send messages to a Gmail account, any more than people would were they to send a business letter that could be opened by an assistant.

Monday review - the hot 18 stories of the week

Monday review

Get yourself up to date with everything we've written in the last seven days - it's weekly roundup time.

Android holed again, JAY Z and "Magna Carta", Tumblr and HTTPS - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Another Android code verification flaw revealed, and JAY Z takes the concept of "Magna Carta" to a whole new level.

Take a minute to look at this week's 60 Second Security video to learn more!

Cryptocat 'encrypted' group chats may have been crackable for 7 months

The Cryptocat project is apologizing and urging users to update immediately.

Founder and developer Nadim Kobeissi took to a live stream to address questions from a show in Germany.

Lias Vaas investigates...

Using Tor and other means to hide your location piques NSA's interest in you

Using Tor and other means to hide your location piques NSA's interest in you

Those who use online anonymizing technologies to obscure their location are assumed to be non-US persons and should thus continue to be targeted by surveillance. That's one of many revelations coming from top-secret documents, published by The Guardian, that show that US surveillance is much broader than the public previously knew.

Facebook issues data breach notification - may have leaked your email and phone number

Facebook just published a data breach notification on its security blog.

You might not immediately notice that from the title of the article, but the social networking giant is, indeed, reporting a data leakage problem.

Privacy officials from six nations want answers about Google Glass

Privacy officials from six nations want answers about Google Glass

The privacy officials of six countries and the European Commission have a host of questions about Google Glass, wouldn't mind getting their hands on the devices, and are wondering why, exactly, Google hasn't rung most of them up to hash out the privacy issues?

EU's Cybersecurity Strategy gets harsh criticism from data protection advocate

EU's cybersecurity strategy gets harsh criticism by data protection advocate

A top EU data privacy advocate has criticised the European Union's plans to combat cybercrime, saying they don't provide enough protection for personal data. He's also suggested that too little attention has been paid to existing regulations and agencies.

SSCC 111 - PRISM and data leakage, encryption, Google contracts and Flash on phones [PODCAST]

Episode #111 of the Sophos Security Chet Chat podcast is here.

Chet and Duck are back, wrangling the latest security stories into an entertaining and informative quarter-hour of useful news.

PRISM, UK Surveillance, Sweden vs. Google, Blackberry Z10 - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Do you really need to worry about things like privacy and security?

Here's the latest in our 60 Second Security video series, bringing you fast, incisive and entertaining evidence that says, "Yes, you do!"

"Nej till Google!" - Sweden tells a local council that Google's cloud is a no-go area

Swedish bureaucrats have instructed a town in the Scandinavian country to say "No" to Google.

They object to the leeway over customer data that Google grants itself in its cloud contracts...

PRISM - not as bad as you thought? (And don't call it PRISM!)


Since Naked Security first wrote about the unfolding "PRISM" drama last week, a raft of new information has come to light.

The conspiracy theories probably haven't been shaken, but they've certainly been stirred...

US upholds the right to search your laptop at the border without warrant

US upholds the right to search your laptop at the border without warrant

A statement put out by the Department of Homeland Security says that hunches and intuition are enough to justify warrantless searches, and it's not explaining anything much beyond that. It goes on to provide Constitutional analysis that's mostly redacted.

Google's certificate announcement contains a hidden surprise for Windows XP users

Google's certificate announcement contains a hidden surprise for Windows XP users

Are you an IT administrator still caring for Windows XP computers that are running Internet Explorer?

Google's latest announcement brings another good reason to upgrade your systems or switch to an alternative browser.

Australian government announces its National Cloud Computing Strategy

The Australian government has officially published its National Cloud Computing Strategy.

Sophos was involved in the committee that created this we'd like to know what *you* think of it now it's out!

Social media privacy explained - In plain English


Researchers at Canada's University of Victoria have published a website, CATSMI, that provides information on more than 20 social networks privacy policies and what they mean to you.