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Jailed Apple phishing duo also imported pickpockets and cloned credit cards

Constanta Agrigoroaie and Radu Savoae. Images courtesy of Metropolitan Police.

How's this for irony? A pair of fraudsters phished bank account details out of over 150 Apple users by sending them hairy-scary messages about their accounts having been compromised.

SSCC 152 - PF Chang's, TrueCrypt (still!), the Twitter worm and the cost of scammers [PODCAST]


Sophos security experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin turn their attention on the week's security news.

As usual, they extract plenty of useful lessons during their insightful dissection of the latest issues...

Phish or legit - Can you tell the difference?

Phish or legit - Can you tell the difference?

If a legitimate email looks like a phishing email, then how are you supposed to spot what is genuine and what isn't? John Shier takes a look.

11 arrested as Europol busts Bulgarian carding gang


A joint operation between French and Bulgarian law enforcement, backed by Europol's European Cybercrime Centre, has brought down a carding gang operating out of Bulgaria and targeting victims in France and other European countries.

Free One Direction tickets? Facebook scam goes multi-generational, targets Directioners


Last week's Rolling Stones scammers are also targeting Tomorrowland fans and Directioners.

Whether you're into rock-and-roll, dance or, er, the other sort of music, these guys have a ticket scam for you...

Free Rolling Stones tickets? No, it’s a Facebook scam


Are you a Rolling Stones fan? Lots of people are, and with gigs on the 2014 tour selling out in hours, you can see why free tickets might seem worth checking out.

But not all "special offer" sites are made alike, as Paul Ducklin explains...

Apple patch out, Fake support bust, Liquor store leak - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


How long did Apple leave holes in Safari? What punishment can a convicted support call scammer expect? And what happens when a liquor store springs a leak?

Find out in 60 Second Security. the security news video that only takes a minute...

"Girl killed herself" Facebook scam - be aware before you Share!


The "Girl killed herself video" bait-and-switch scam on Facebook, now in its fifth year, is back.

Here are three tips to help us stamp these scams out at last.

Be aware before you Share!

Scareware pusher loses appeal against epic $163 million fine [POLL]

Ghost. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Kristy Ross, employee at rogue anti-virus pushers Innovative Marketing Inc., dragged her appeal against her whopping $163 million fine through the courts for years - and has lost. Do you think the fine fits the crime?

Looking for love in all the scammy places this Valentine's Day

Looking for love in all the scammy places

The FBI is warning about Lotharios who prey on people in online dating scams. Don't get caught out!

Digitally signed data-stealing malware targets Mac users in "undelivered courier item" attack


Our colleagues at SophosLabs pointed us at a interesting item of malware the other day, namely a data-stealing Trojan aimed at Mac users.

Paul Ducklin looks at how the attack unfolds...

18 months for supercomputer hacker, 18 years for CarderPlanet boss

18 months for supercomputer hacker, 18 years for CarderPlanet boss

It has been a busy week for cyber law enforcement this week. Two interesting sentences were handed out to a 24-year-old American hacker, as well as 49-year-old Ukrainian national Roman Vega, co-founder of CarderPlanet.

SSCC 125 - Happy hour, forward secrecy, $300 extortions and LG unrepentant [PODCAST]


Chet and Duck dig into the good and bad of the week's news, from the amusing "Happy Hour Virus", through Twitter's implementation of forward secrecy, to LG's data-grabbing TVs and the company's unamusingly casual attitude...

Online dating scam costs lovelorn Canadian $500k

Lovelorn Canadian conned out of $500k in online dating scam

The rise of online dating has been spotted by cyber-crooks looking to exploit every weakness of the web-using world. Poor "Tony" lost $500,000 (CAD) to online scammers after being pulled into a complex, long-term fake romance con by a man he met on a dating site.

Internet dating scam - mother and daughter crime duo jailed

Internet dating scam - mother and daughter crime duo jailed

Mother and daughter, Karen and Tracy Vasseur from Colorado, US, have been jailed for a total of 27 years after they tricked unsuspecting victims into thinking they were talking to members of the US military who needed money to be sent to them.

'Hack Facebook' works great - on YOU, not your intended victim

'Hack Facebook' works great - on YOU, not your intended victim

Hack not lest ye be hacked yourself, says researcher Josh Long. The "Facebook Hacking Site" actually leads hacker-wannabes into receiving premium SMS texts that jack up their phone bills and may also collect login details, he's found.

The Dirty Dozen spamming countries - introducing the SophosLabs SPAMMIERSHIP League Tables!


Once every three months, we tot up our country-by-country spamtrap statistics for the previous quarter and calculate the Dirty Dozen.

Of course, this is one "competition" in which getting promoted into the Premier Division - the SPAMMIERSHIP - is a cause for disappointment, not jubilation...

Kentucky man charged with using scans of checks to double-dip funds

Kentucky man charged with using scans of checks to double-dip funds

The crime was allegedly carried out with the help of mobile remote deposit capture, which entails sending a scan or photo of your check to your bank, leaving the original paper copy to, evidently, burn a hole in your pocket, given that there's currently no real-time duplicate detection databases in place.

Australia's National Consumer Fraud Week starts today - the motto is, "Outsmart the scammers!"


Do you know someone who's been scammed online?

Chances are that you do - or you may have been scammed yourself.

The National Consumer Fraud Week aims to spread the word about how to avoid becoming a victim online.