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Google grapples anew with EC in the search/advertising antitrust swamp

Google v EC

The EC's poked the sleeping dragon, yet again reopening a four-year antitrust investigation that puts Google in the hot seat. The surprise move comes after rivals fumed loud and hard about getting unfairly shut out in the most recent settlement. This time, Android may be up for investigation, too.

How Google plans to encrypt the web

Google HTTPS

This could be an inflection point for web security. By making HTTPS something that impacts search results Google are applying the stick to an enormous security push that's been all carrots up to now.

UK gov wants to censor legal but "unsavoury" YouTube content

UK gov wants to censor legal but "unsavoury" YouTube content

The UK government wants the power to pull "unsavoury" content - with an eye trained on terrorist material in particular - regardless of whether it's illegal or not.

Activists to Google: You could end Chinese internet censorship in 10 days

Activists to Google: Here's how you could end censorship in 10 days

Eric Schmidt said recently that encrypting everything can end government censorship in a decade. Activists battling China's Great Firewall say why wait, when we just did it in a fraction of the time?

Google and Microsoft tackle child abuse images with search and YouTube changes

Google and Microsoft tackle child abuse images with search and YouTube changes

Two search giants, Google and Microsoft, have agreed on measures that should make it harder to search for child abuse images online on the open internet, while Google has made a groundbreaking move to identify and ferret out videos made by paedophiles on its YouTube service.

Bizarre Google search bug benefits porn websites


Searching on certain illogical strings returns sites with very XXX titles, all with NSFW tag lists hot enough to burn a hole through your monitor.

Google admits to pocketing profits from ads on seamy sites

Google AdWords phishing attack strikes inboxes

Google has once again admitted to profiting from advertisements for illegal products and services. Recently the BBC exposed them for making money on bogus Olympic 2012 ticket sales.

UK teachers' union says no to bill allowing searches of student mobiles

thumbs down

The UK teaching union, NASUWT, calls government plans to address cyberbullying "reckless". The education bill stipulates that teachers can search and even delete content on student mobile phones if "there is a good reason to do so" .