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Nintendo fixes Wii U network after claims of accidental hack

Nintendo's fixes Wii U network after claims of accidental hack

Just hours after the US launch of Nintendo's latest game console, the Wii U, a video game fan claims that he accidentally "hacked" into the console's online component - the Miiverse.

Data loss at logo

Large online retailer has emailed its customers yesterday admitting to a security breach in its marketing communications. Names and emails may have been compromised. claims the breach happened outside its walls, so presumably they use a third party marketing consultancy to manage part or all of its marketing activities.

Apple's worst security breach, or a great big hyperbole?

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According to aptly-named shock-gossip site, Apple has just suffered its worst security breach. Alongside a headlined article entitled "Hottie Banker's Boob Implant Video: 'I Want to Be Tits on a Stick'", you can read how this "worst security breach" Read more…