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Man fined $183k after joining Anonymous DDoS of Koch Industries for one minute

Man fined $183k after joining Anonymous DDoS of Koch Industries for 1 minute

A 38-year-old man from the US state of Wisconsin has been sentenced to two years of federal probation and will pay a $183,000 fine for taking part in a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack organized under the Anonymous hacktivist brand.

15 years jail time for Romanian card heist ringleader, 5 for light-fingered company president

15 years jail time for Romanian card heist ringleader, 5 for light-fingered company president

Adrian-Tiberiu Oprea, whose gang targeted hundreds of Subway branches in the US, has been sentenced to a hefty 15 years in jail. Meanwhile a US business exec faces 5 years for stealing company data from his former employers, an Anonymous hacker has been hit with a gagging order, and a gang of phishers has been rounded up in South Africa.

LulzSec informant Sabu rewarded with six months freedom for helping Feds

LulzSec hacker Sabu rewarded with six months freedom for co-operating with Feds

Hector Monsegur, the notorious hacker known as "Sabu," once railed against the establishment. Now he owes his freedom to the good graces of federal authorities, who successfully lobbied for a six month extension on his sentencing.

SSCC 84 - Cookie-gate, laptop security advice, Stratfor malicious emails and Facebook hacker advice

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Paul Ducklin hosts this week's Chet Chat with the tables turned... Chet is the guest. They discussed the recent Google cookie-gate incident, House Intelligence Committee advice on using laptops while traveling and the malicious emails sent to leaked Stratfor subscriber email addresses.

Despite what you may think, IT security *is* your business

3D illustration of grey office for routine work

If you spend a lot of time paying attention to IT (in)security it can drive you to rant on occasion. This is one of those occasions, as too many companies are putting their future and their customers at risk thinking that "IT security isn't our busniess".

Stratfor's back, defiant but blushing over unencrypted subscriber data


George Fried,an, CEO of Stratfor, came forth with a public statement explaining what happened in the attacks against his company last December. He admitted fault, took responsibility and accused Anonymous of censorship that doesn't come openly from governments, but rather from people hiding behind masks.

SSCC 79 - Smart meter privacy concerns, WiFi insecurity due to WPS and password hashes explained

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Paul Ducklin joins Chet for the first Chet Chat of 2012. This week they discuss the privacy implications of smart meters, the recent research showing how WiFi routers are vulnerable due to an easy setup feature and password hashes.

Stolen Stratfor mailing list used to Rickroll customers... This time


Customers of Stratfor who had their account details published by Anonymous last month started receiving joke spam messages today containing the famous Rickroll video. This message is a pertinent reminder that many of our emails and business relationships were disclosed by cyber criminals last year and to never click links or open attachments in email messages.

Researchers find many weak Stratfor passwords


A professor at Utah Valley University analyzed the leaked password hashes stolen by Anonymous from security firm Stratfor and determined even their security minded customers choose weak passwords.

Data leaks at Stratfor and Care2 mark the end of a year riddled with data theft


As 2011 comes to a close it is clear there is much to be done to better secure our information in the "cloud". I look back at the major data loss incidents of the year and speculate this isn't the last we will see of our information being p0wned.