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WhatsApp users, ignore messages from 'Priyanka' - it's a worm

WhatsApp users, ignore messages from 'Priyanka' - it's a worm

What's up with WhatsApp? A worm is changing contact group names to "Priyanka" as it crawls through, and sometimes renames all contact names in worst-case scenarios.

W32/VBNA-X worm spreads quickly through networks and removable media

W32/VBNA-X worm spreads quickly through networks and removable media

A new particularly virulent version of the malware family known as W32/VBNA (also SillyFDC/Autorun) is spreading very quickly. It takes advantage of Windows Autorun and some very clever social engineering techniques to plant banking Trojans on victim computers.

Pentagon bankrolls new worm

Pentagon bankrolls new worm

A gaggle of researchers from MIT, Harvard and Seoul National University have made international headlines with a brand-new worm, apparently bankrolled by DARPA.

Find out more...

Malware shuts down hospital near Atlanta, Georgia


A hospital near Atlanta, Georgia last week had to stop accepting all non-trauma patients after a malware infection shutdown their network. Is their IT poorly managed, or does this represent more serious problems in the medical space?

IHC, Mac malware, Nerd New Year, Conficker and Privacy à la Google - 60 Sec Security


Watch the latest security news in just 60 seconds!

Enjoy an IHC T-shirt sighting at Kiwicon; be unsurprised at yet more Mac malware; find out why Nerd New Year wasn't; groan because Conficker just won't go away; and get the feel for Privacy à la Google.

Google's open source geezer gets shirty about security

Google's open source geezer gets shirty about security

Google's hackerishly hirsute Open Source Programs Manager, Chris DiBona, stormed the IT headlines this week.

He stuck his paddle into the computer security world and stirred...

Memories of the Nimda virus

Memories of the Nimda virus

This weekend is the tenth anniversary of the infamous and pervasive Nimda virus.

It taught us lessons - about programming, about trust, and about patching. But did we learn?

Morto: RDP worm of death?

Morto: RDP worm of death?

The Morto worm is making the headlines, targeting Windows networks with poorly-chosen weak passwords.

SophosLabs has only received a small number of reports of the worm being seen in the wild.

Facebook virus spreads via photo album chat messages


A new social networking worm similar to Koobface is currently doing the rounds. This scam doesn't ask you to take a survey - it actively infects your computer with malware.

Apple iPad and iPhone infection risk?

Apple iPad and iPhone infection risk?

Major Australian media outfit Fairfax ran a story throughout the weekend warning about "Apple store infection risk". This was understandably a hot story across most of its dailies, including the Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Age, Brisbane Times and WA Today. Read more…

The names and faces behind the 'onMouseOver' Twitter worm attack

The names and faces behind the 'onMouseOver' Twitter worm attack

It's been over 24 hours now since many Twitter users around the world found that their pages had become infested by messages spreading virally across the network. The victims High profile victims of the "onMouseOver" worm included ex-Prime Minister's wife Read more…

Twitter 'onMouseOver' security flaw widely exploited

Twitter 'onMouseOver' security flaw widely exploited

The Twitter website is being widely exploited by users who have stumbled across a flaw which allows messages to pop-up and third-party websites to open in your browser just by moving your mouse over a link. In a worrying development, Read more…

June roundup – "90 Second News"

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Don't just read the latest computer security news – watch it in 90 seconds! Learn how Facebook 'clickjacking' actually works. Find out why Google is in the dogbox over vulnerability disclosure. See which companies had PR disasters sending out malware Read more…

95% say Facebook needs to do more to fight clickjacking worms, poll reveals

95% say Facebook needs to do more to fight clickjacking worms, poll reveals

Facebook isn't doing enough to protect members from a recent spate of clickjacking attacks on the popular social networking site. That's the verdict of 95% of the 600 people we polled overnight after the latest attack that struck the social Read more…

World Cup 2010 – will you get through without losing?

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In 2006, Australia qualified for the World Cup by beating Uruguay in a final decider match at home in Sydney's Olympic Park. (The oddity of Australia qualifying via South America, not Asia, was finally rectified after the 2006 competition.) John Read more…

Facebook Worm - "Likejacking"

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Graham posted earlier about a new Facebook clickjacking worm, and as someone who saw this spreading like wildfire among members of my own contact list I thought I'd dig into it a little. The technique is exactly as Graham describes Read more…

Viral clickjacking 'Like' worm hits Facebook users

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Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users have fallen for a social-engineering trick which allowed a clickjacking worm to spread quickly over Facebook this holiday weekend. Affected profiles can be identified by seeing that the Facebook user has apparently "liked" a Read more…

3 types of "viruses" demystified

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In the anti-malware business we often quibble over details the general public does not care about. To us these differences are important, though, as classifying a piece of malware helps us define and understand its nature and helps those of Read more…

Allaple worm author sentenced to jail

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The author of a series of worms that launched a denial-of-service attack against the websites of an insurance company and an internet service provider has been sentenced to jail for two years and seven months. 44-year-old Arthur Boiko has been Read more…

Password recovery for the latest iPhone worm

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As you have probably heard from my fellow bloggers at Sophos, a new iPhone worm is doing the rounds. Most reports seems to be coming from the Netherlands. I was on my way back from Manila whilst my chums were Read more…