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SSCC 143 - Heartbleed revisited, cybercrooks busted, failed malware cleanup censured by FTC [PODCAST]


From the latest Heartbleed revelations to various successes by law enforcement, Sophos experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin take you through the big computer security stories of the week.

Be entertained as you learn from the news, all in our regular quarter-hour podcast format.

Zeus malware - nine charged with conspiracy to steal millions of dollars

US charges 9 with stealing millions of dollars with Zeus malware

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged nine individuals over their alleged involvement in a criminal organisation that stole millions of dollars from victims' bank accounts.

Smucker's online store gets stuck in thieves' web

Smucker's online store gets stuck in thieves' web

The US jam and jelly maker is just the latest fly to get stuck in the same web that ensnared dozens of companies last year, including some of the world's largest data brokers and at least one credit card processor.

SSCC 137 - Apple, rootkits, hacking and data breach laws [PODCAST]


What about support for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion? Can a rootkit be a blessing in disguise? Will federal US data breach laws make things better or worse?

Chester and Duck once again aim their entertaining expertise at the security news of the week...

Notorious "Gameover" malware gets itself a kernel-mode rootkit...


The Gameover botnet gang has been trying new techniques lately: most recently comes the introduction of a kernel-mode rootkit called Necurs, making the malware harder to find and remove.

Senior Researcher James Wyke of SophosLabs investigates...

Spam from an anti-virus company claiming to be a security patch? It's Zbot/Zeus malware...


A spam campaign that seems to originate from a whole raft of different security and anti-virus companies...

...is actually an effort to trick to into installing a new variant of Zbot/Zeus onto your computer.

Alleged "SpyEye" mastermind extradited to US

Alleged "SpyEye" mastermind extradited to US

The FBI suspects that 24-year-old Hamza Bendelladj, an Algerian national, developed, marketed, distributed and controlled the notorious botnet toolkit, used to steal millions of dollars from online bank accounts.

Point of sale devices and Canadian banks targeted by Citadel malware variant

Point of sale devices and Canadian banks targeted by Citadel malware variant

A new variant of the prevalent Citadel crimeware kit has been discovered to target Point of Sale (POS) devices. Find out more, in this analysis from SophosLabs expert James Wyke.

Polish CERT acts against Virut malware with domain takedowns

CERT Polska has announced takedown action against web properties associated with a huge botnet known as Virut.

Paul Ducklin takes a look at takedowns, and why they are important even if their effectiveness is often short-lived...

The Citadel crimeware kit - under the microscope

The Citadel crimeware kit - under the microscope

Ever since the source code of Zeus/Zbot leaked in May 2011, many new variants have appeared.

One particularly prevalent example is Citadel.

James Wyke of SophosLabs puts it under the microscope....

Fake Apple invoices lead to Blackhole exploit kit that drains your bank account

Fake Apple invoices lead to Black Hole that drains your bank account

A new round of spams proclaims you have been charged for a large purchase from Apple.

All links lead to webpages infected with the Blackhole exploit kit. Be cautious with your online shopping this holiday season.

UK’s top ecrime investigator describes a life fighting cybercrime

UK’s top cyber investigator sees smaller payloads, bigger paydays for cyber crooks

UK Cybercrime investigator and Sophos consultant Bob Burls has been on the inside of some of the biggest law enforcement takedowns of the last decade.

Bank's shoddy security was to blame for $588,851 online robbery, US appeals court rules

US appeals court holds bank liable for online security breach

A Maine construction company that saw its online bank account fraudulently drained of almost $600,000 might get some of it back due to what a US federal court has deemed shoddy security systems at its bank.

Microsoft and US Marshals bring down Zeus botnet servers [VIDEO]

Microsoft and US Marshals bring down Zeus botnet servers [VIDEO]

Microsoft, working with others in the financial services and computer security industry, has disrupted a number of botnets being used by the Zeus malware family, allegedly responsible for nearly half a billion dollars in damages.

SSCC 73 - Patch Tuesday, UBS, SpyEye, Twit.tv and Windows 8

Sophos Security Chet Chat

Paul Ducklin joined Chet this week from a real-life Denial of Service situation at the domestic airport in Sydney, Australia. Topics discussed include Patch Tuesday, UBS losing £2.3bn, SpyEye on Android, Twit.tv hacked and Windows 8 including anti-virus.

SpyEye targeting Android users - just a copy of Zeus's strategy?


After the discovery an Android edition of the Zeus malware kit we did not have to wait long for a SpyEye Android release.

Vanja Švajcer, SophosLabs Principal Resarcher, investigates the differences.

SSCC 68 - OS X Lion, Zeus Android, Oracle patches and Secunia's threat report

Sophos Security Chet Chat 41

In this week's Chet Chat Kris Braun SophosLabs Threat Operations Manager joins Chet to discuss the week's news. Topics include OS X Lion, Oracle patches, Zeus for Android and Secunia's mid-year threat report.

Zeus for Android and fake Kaspersky Antivirus 2011

Android shot

The discovery of Android based SMS spyware related to Zeus toolkit raised a lot of interest in the anti-malware community.

The latest malware adopts the disguise of a Kaspersky anti-virus product.

Android malware spies on your SMS messages - but is it part of the Zeus family?

Android malware spies on your SMS messages

Has an Android version of the notorious Zeus malware family been discovered?

What is Zeus? Notorious malware under the microscope

What is Zeus? Notorious malware under the microscope

Zeus, also known as ZBot, has grown into one of the most popular (or should that be unpopular?) and widespread crimeware kits on the internet.

Download our technical paper which takes a closer look at the infamous malware.