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Gameover and CryptoLocker revisited - the important lessons we can learn


Which is worse - Gameover or CryptoLocker?

What can we learn from the recent US-led takedown of this notorious crimeware?

More importantly, what advice should we be passing on to other people?

The Dirty Dozen Spampionship: Who's who in the global spam-sending league?


It's once again time for our quarterly Spampionship charts.

We looked at the sending countries for all our spam in the first three months of 2014, and turned the figures into a League Table - the sort of league you *don't* want to win!

The Spampionship, the PWN2OWN unicorn, and how Target was breached - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]


Where do you find Extreme Spammers? Can you find the exploit unicorn? And how did Target get breached?

Find out in 60 Sec Security for 08 Feb 2014...

Move over, Superbowl - here come the latest "Dirty Dozen" SPAMPIONSHIP tables!


Unlike conventional sporting events such as the Superbowl, the Six Nations or the Bundesliga, the SPAMPIONSHIP is one title that no team wants to win.

Find out who finished where...

Sophos Techknow - Understanding Botnets [PODCAST]


Botnets, short for "robot networks", are more than just malware: they're the money making machinery of modern cybercriminals.

Paul Ducklin and James Wyke help you to understand the What, How and Why of this troublesome topic...

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 10th anniversary, 10 topical tales


October 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the USA's annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM).

So we thought we'd come up with 10 topics, in vaguely chronological order, that have burst into our collective security concerns at various times in the last decade.

Police nab Argentinian teen who hacked money transfer and gambling websites

Police nab Argentinian teen hacker who netted $50,000/month

Argentinian police have arrested a teenager, dubbed "the superhacker", who was allegedly bleeding $50,000 (£31,500) per month out of international money transfer and gambling websites.

Anatomy of a targeted attack - SophosLabs explores an Adobe zero-day "malware experiment"

SophosLabs was contacted recently to help investigate malware from an unusual sort of targeted attack.

What our researchers found was intriguing, to say the least, so we thought we'd share our discoveries with you...

Hacked TV channels broadcast zombie apocalypse emergency alert [VIDEO]

Hacked TV channels broadcast zombie apocalypse emergency alert [VIDEO]

Hackers interrupt TV channels to broadcast an emergency alert, warning that the bodies of the dead have risen from their graves, and attacking the public.

A good reminder to not use default passwords? Watch the video to see what happened.

Are you ready for International Kill A Zombie Day, 2012?

Are you ready for International Kill A Zombie Day, 2012?

Forget trick-or-treating, use the excuse of Halloween to exterminate some zombie computers instead!

India spews more spam than ever before, report finds

India spews more spam than ever before, report finds

You can thank India for one out of six spam messages in your inbox, up from one in 10 when SophosLabs last put out its list of the Dirty Dozen top spam-relaying countries. The UK has upped its spam output as well, meaning it's rejoined the dirty dozen after an 18-month hiatus.

SSCC 98 - RSA keys, Blackhole exploits, Nitol botnets and Apache takes potshots at Microsoft

SSCC 98 - RSA key safety, Blackhole exploit kit updated, Nitol botnet takedown and Apache takes potshots at Microsoft

Duck joins Chet to take on the latest security news.

As usual, they don't mince their words, so take a listen and enjoy a quarter-hour mix of news, opinion, advice and research..

Monday review: the hot 22 stories of the week

Monday review: the hot 26 stories of last week

In case you missed any recent stories, here's everything we wrote in the last seven days.

Apple zombie malware 'NetWeird' rummages for browser and email passwords

Apple malware 'NetWeird' rummages for browser and email passwords

When we write Naked Security articles about Mac malware, we often end up creating a bit of a stir.

So, with a deep breath, here's some Mac malware news: this time, it's a zombie Trojan called 'NetWeird'.

India becomes the king of the spammers, stealing America's crown


SophosLabs reports on the top twelve spam relaying countries for January - March 2012.

It's Halloween - let's kill some zombies!

It's Halloween - let's kill some zombies!

It's Halloween. A time for ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night.

What better time can there be to kill some zombies?

SSCC 74 - fighting hi-tech crime, Kelihos botnet, iCode for USA, Amazon Silk tablet, Mac malware and the BEAST

Sophos Security Chet Chat

This week, Chet and Paul Ducklin discuss the interesting and important topics of the past week: fighting hi-tech crime, tackling the Kelihos botnet, taking on zombified home users, examining the risks of Amazon's new Silk tablet, and understanding the BEAST!

Cybersecurity Awareness Week – here comes ICODE

Image (1) icode-compliant.jpg for post 1540

The Aussie government's Cybersecurity Awareness Week (C-SAW) was launched in Melbourne today. Attorney-General Robert McClelland's opening speech declares that "the Government’s cyber safety policy focuses on protecting individuals, especially children, online from exposure to such things as illegal and offensive Read more…

Dezombifying Australia

Image (1) iia-responsible.jpg for post 1476

This morning it was Sophos's pleasure to host a meeting for the Internet Industry Association (IIA). From the text of its website, the IIA is an Australian industry body which aims to promote laws and initiatives which enhance access, equity, Read more…

USA and Brazil battle for title of top spam-relaying nation

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Amidst all the hubbub and activities around International Kill-A-Zombie Day on Halloween, and Paul Ducklin determining that there are 80,000 zombies in Australia, one interesting piece of data may have been overlooked. Every three months Sophos publishes it's "Dirty dozen" Read more…