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Someone killed hitchBOT the hitchhiking robot - can humans be trusted?


HitchBOT was on a mission to criss-cross the United States with the help of strangers, but the hitchhiking robot came up far short of its San Francisco destination, after it was destroyed in a vicious attack in Philadelphia - the city of brotherly love.

Black Hat 2015 - get your FREE SOCKS :-)

We don't mean to be crassly commercial - and we aren't - but if you're attending Black Hat 2015, be sure to check out our socks.

Blue Screen of Death socks...for real!

Man arrested for shooting down drone over his property

Man arrested for shooting down drone over his property

The drone slayer's privacy fence didn't keep a drone from flying over his property. What did: his shotgun and some birdshot.

Women posed as fake brides to scam ISIS out of $3000

Women posed as fake brides to scam ISIS out of $3000

Even if you pull one over on the world's most fearsome terrorist army, it's still illegal.

Windows 10 spreads the love with updates on the side

"Windows Update Delivery Optimization" works P2P-style to speed up updates.

But it could cost you money - and it's opt-out, so be aware!

Can you trust Tor's entry guards?


New research uses Tor entry guard computers to strip away the Dark Web’s anonymity features, exposing users and the hidden websites they visit.

Mt. Gox founder Mark Karpeles arrested - but not over missing Bitcoinage

Mt. Gox founder Mark Karpeles has always denied any wrongdoing in the implosion of his Bitcoin exchange.

But he's just been arrested anyway, apparently for overstating his financial situation by US$1,000,000 almost a year before the bankruptcy..

Monday review - the hot 26 stories of the week


ICYMI - Catch up with the security news from the last seven days!

60 Sec Security - Atari, Minitel, VAX, ZX Spectrum...and Jimmy Connors! [VIDEO]

The latest episode of our funny-but-serious 1-minute weekly video.


Google defies French global 'right to be forgotten' ruling

Google defies French 'right to be forgotten' ruling

Google is set to defy a French data authority ruling on the global removal of right to be forgotten links.

How one school district is monitoring social media of students and teachers

Florida school district monitoring social media of students and teachers

They're trying to keep kids safe, but nobody's talking about who can access the data or what standards are used to capture it.

We're celebrating Sysadmin Day! Are you?

Heart. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Beer and Tequila forever! #SophosRetroWeek looks at old-school malware...

Join us on a visit to the past, when malware was...well, different!


It's #SophosRetroWeek - so take a trip with us down IT memory lane as we say "Thanks, IT, and Happy Sysadmin Day."

What you sound like to a Sysadmin


This Sysadmin Day we're offering you an insight in to what life looks like from the other side of the monitor.

Check out our easy-to-understand guide to what Sysadmins actually hear when you speak!

Wi-Fi-enabled sniper rifle hacked to change target

Wi-Fi-enabled sniper rifle hacked to change target

Researchers tricked a computer-assisted sniper rifle into firing off-target - specifically, with bulls-eye accuracy at a target they substituted.

SSCC 209 - Can encryption be too good? [PODCAST]

Here's the latest episode of our weekly podcast that turns security news into useful advice...

Zero days! First official Windows 10 patches arrive...

Given its "rolling update" model, you might have been wondering how long after launch the first Windows 10 updates would take to arrive.

The answer? Zero days. (No hyphen.)

Xen fixes another "virtual machine escape" bug


Last time it was the floppy disk drive that let crooks squeeze out of jail - this time, the virtual CD-ROM is their springboard...