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Live from the Virus Bulletin conference 2015 [Chet Chat podcast 216.5]

Find out what the world's threat protection experts talk about when you cloister them in a Prague hotel for three days!

Patreon crowdfunding site hacked - all it takes is one mistake...

Debugging a test version of your website with real data?

Best to have it on a test network, not the real internet!

T-Mobile customers hit by Experian breach get credit monitoring by Experian

T-Mobile customers hit by Experian breach get credit monitoring by Experian

In a bizarre twist of irony, T-Mobile customers are being offered two years of free credit monitoring from - a service owned and operated by Experian.

How one man bought for just $12

Google. Image courtesy of antb/Shutterstock.

Ownership of the alphabet-loving company's premier domain name lasted just one minute for ex-Googler Sanmay Ved.

Prepare to be rated on a 5-star scale by 'Peeple', like it or not


Anybody can create a profile for you on the upcoming app, just like you're a restaurant, with no opt-out.

US state police cars hacked


Virginia State Police have been waging cyberwar against Impalas and Tauruses and have found that even non-networked cars are vulnerable.

Step forward, home IT heroes. We want to hear from you...


Who are you watching over at home? What challenges do you face and how has it changed over time? What advice do you follow and how has it helped you out? We'd love to hear what you're doing to help secure your friends and family!

5 good-news stories to kick off Cyber Security Awareness Month

Happy people. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

It's the 5th anniversary of the Stop-Think-Connect campaign. We kick things off by taking a positive look at our attitudes to security...

Are your fingerprints, email and image worth a cute fake passport?


An art installation called Sensible Data adorably weasels your privacy out from under your nose.

Window 7 updates have NOT been hacked after all!

Did you see a worryingly weird Windows 7 update notification? "

Just testing," apparently.

Millennials: your password is not a selfie and we don't want to see it


OK, OK, it's not just the youngsters. Truth be told, we're ALL pulling sticky shenanigans when it comes to sharing passwords.

Jail for Russian man who distributed Citadel banking malware to thousands


Dimitry Belorossov infected 7000 computers with the notorious Citadel banking malware, which he used to steal banking credentials.

Apple swiftly closes hole in iOS 9 Lock screen

You can't use the recent "ask Siri" trick to sneak past the iOS 9 Lock screen any more.

Snowden joins Twitter, follows the agency that follows everyone else


Edward Snowden signs up for Twitter, promises cat pics and asks about border control on Mars.

Selfies, sharks...and yet another lock screen bug [Chet Chat Podcast 216]

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Enjoy the latest episode of our weekly podcast!

Google to give marketers the ability to target us via email address


Customer Match will enable advertisers to get to us via our email addresses, which can be matched to signed-in users of its search engine, Gmail or YouTube.

Your personal cloud of microbes could one day be used to profile you


Every time we sneeze, cough, scratch, fart, or touch something, we leave behind traces of ourselves. Could this microbial evidence one day be used to identify and surveil us?

Windows 10 is NOT spying on you, Microsoft says

Spy. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

...but Windows will continue to collect your data, be it about system and application crashes or personalization data collected by Cortana.

Which web browser do you trust? [Poll]


We no longer choose our web browsers based on bells and whistles. These days its all about privacy and security and we'd like to know which browser (and which vendor) you trust to be your companion on the web.

Take a selfie, post it up/The next five years you' in prison?

The Fifth Amendment says you don't have to incriminate yourself.

But it's your choice...