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20 students charged in school sexting scandal

20 students charged in New Jersey sexting scandal

Twenty US middle and high-school students in the US are facing charges of privacy invasion after numerous explicit photos of female students were swapped by text and social media.

Yahoo to face class action lawsuit over email spying claims

Yahoo to face class action lawsuit over email spying claims

Yahoo will face a class action lawsuit for allegedly violating users' privacy by scanning email messages for targeted advertising purposes.

SSCC 200 - If you can't trust the IRS, whom can you trust? [PODCAST]

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17% of parents ignore privacy settings but still post hundreds of photos of kids online

Parents upload 973 photos of kids on social media before they hit 5

Parents upload an average of 973 photos of kids on social media before they hit 5 but 17% admit they don't check privacy settings, ever.

We don't cover stupid, says cyber insurer that's fighting a payout

We don't cover stupid, says cyber insurer that's fighting a payout

After 2 months of patient data exposed for anyone to see, Cottage Health System's insurance policy should have come as a relief. It didn't.

5 tips to improve your Linux desktop security


Linux-based operating systems aren't invulnerable.

Here are five easy steps you can take to enhance your Linux security...

1 in 5 experts believe artificial intelligence will pose an 'existential threat'


A significant minority of experts working in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), about 18%, believe that AI will one day pose an 'existential threat' to humanity.

Parliamentary insiders clean up MPs' Wikipedia pages

Parliament sockpuppets sanitise MPs' Wikipedia pages

Gone are the sex scandals, excessive use of chauffeur driven cars, and lavish expenses used to spiff up MPs' homes.

Hackers compromise 100,000 IRS tax accounts with pre-stolen data

100,000 US taxpayers compromised via IRS tax record system

The Internal Revenue Service has confirmed that attackers accessed 100,000 taxpayers' accounts using personal data stolen elsewhere.

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Phones' accelerometers allow you to be tracked on the metro

Phones' accelerometers allow you to be tracked underground

No GPS or cell tower triangulation necessary. All it takes is learning the world's unique metro routes, then listening as phones jiggle along.

Yup, we really are terrible at those password recovery questions


When we forget our passwords we’re often faced with recovery questions like "What's your favourite food?” They’re a backdoor into our accounts so they’re supposed to be both secure and memorable. They’re not.

You STILL support encryption designed to be crackable in 1995? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Watch this week's "60 Second Security" - the one-minute news roundup video with attitude!

High schooler allegedly hired third party to DDoS his school district

High schooler allegedly hired third party to DDoS his school district

He might face state and federal charges. The attack crippled more than 50 schools, forcing some students to retake tests multiple times, among other miseries.

Adult FriendFinder hacked, users' intimate details exposed on Dark Web


Adult FriendFinder, a website billed as a way for people to "find friends, sex, flings and hookups," has had a serious data breach. Now millions of people who thought they were using a discrete service to find casual sex have had their private information exposed online.

IC3 urges social media users to beware: scams and fraud are surging

Scams and fraud are surging on social media, says IC3 annual report

12% of the 269,422 complaints received in 2014 had a social media aspect, be it doxing, clickjacking or pharming. Here's how to stay safe.

Scotland Yard was worried The X-Files and Star Trek could inspire anarchy in the UK


Special agents working at Scotland Yard were worried in the late '90s that cult religious groups inspired by TV series like Star Trek and The X-Files might commit widespread acts of violence ahead of the new millennium.

Anatomy of a LOGJAM - another TLS vulnerability, and what to do about it

We've had BEAST, Lucky Thirteen, BREACH, BEAST, POODLE, Heartbleed and, it's LOGJAM.

Paul Ducklin explains, and tells you what you can do about it.

Practical IT: What is encryption and how can I use it to protect my corporate data?


Businesses often don't realise why encryption is important, and how they can use it to protect their data. The latest in our Practical IT series tells you what encryption is and how you can use it in your business.