Phishing flavour of the day

Phishers are being very busy today with several new phishing campaigns. Today’s award for most targetted institution goes to Arizona Federal Credit Union.

We captured emails that attempt to trick users into disclosure of their personal details using variety of subjects like warnings about upgraded security of their Visa cards, database system relocation or lost data due to a restart of the database service.

If banking systems were so unreliable to require re-entering of customer details for every database restart, the unemployment would be zero and millions of ‘happy’ people would be re-entering other people’s details every hour of the day.


It is quite surprising that there are so many traditional phishing campaigns out there, despite anti-phishing filters included in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 browsers and all those warnings to users displayed on major banking websites.

Of course, it would be easy to point to the banks for their conscious decision not to use stronger authentication technology as a major cause of popularity of phishing, but we know better than that. Phishing is a deeper problem caused by a combination of huge number of websites hosting information valuable to web criminals and poor level of awareness of the average user. It is a social as well as technological problem and it will not be solved purely by technology. The phishing saga continues.