Who Admins You?

An email found its way into the spam traps containing a link to the site ‘whoadmitsyou.com’. The domain is registered for a single year, through Domains by Proxy, which allows the registrant to remain anonymous.

The home page presents you with a login interface that requests your MSN Account and password. According to the blurb on the site, they can provide information on whether any contacts from your MSN contact list have blocked or deleted you. I can see why some people might like to know this…

Personally, I’m not all that happy with the idea of giving away my MSN account name to just anyone – let alone the password. But looking at the HTML source of the submit page, they use a simple html ‘FORM POST’ to send credentials – in plain text – over the net. Not a https in sight, surely thats not good!


Perusing the Terms and Conditions page, I noticed that most of the listed Terms and Conditions refer to a site called whoadminsyou, not whoadmitsyou. It could be a spelling error. It could be a parapraxis. Who knows?

According to the terms and conditions, when you log in to MSN via whoadmitsyou.com, they will change your MSN nick name and SPIM (Spam via IM) your contact list to advertise the site. That reminds me of the Friend Greetings application of late 2002.

Here’s an interesting quote from the Terms and Conditions:

WhoAdminsYou under no circunstances will store e-mail addresses or passwords entered into its system and it will not provide the information of the users of the service to third parties without your previous consent.

Yeah. OK. Poor grasp of spelling aside, I have to wonder if whoadmitsyou (or whoadminsyou, or whatever) aren’t simply trying to harvest MSN credentials to make it easier to bounce spam through MSN’s mail servers.

What do you think?