World of Wartheft

Online gaming has been the rage since the dawn of the internet. In its infancy, online gaming was confined to a few servers and hobbyists. These days, online gaming is a multi-million dollar industry. Online gamers are literally spoilt for choice with games nowadays with Blizzard Entertainment’s World Of Warcraft still going on strong.

It is thus not surprising that SophosLabs analysts continue to see password stealers targeting popular games like World Of Warcraft. Troj/WowPWS-BB is the latest attempt by malware authors to steal information relating to this game and it probably won’t be the last.

The problem with password stealing Trojans like Troj/WowPWS-BB is they don’t announce their presence visibly once they’ve been installed on an infected computer. And usually, the only time victims learn something is amiss is when their World Of Warcraft characters have been depleted of all their online possessions.

By that time, it is often too late.