Testing times: Sophos and AV-Test.org

If there’s one job more difficult than being an anti-virus researcher, it’s being the poor guy who has to test anti-virus software!

This has been brought to light today as I looked into a recent test done by the respected independent testers at AV-Test.org, who are based at the University of Magdeburg in Germany.

A few customers have contacted SophosLabs in recent days asking about AV-Test.org’s latest set of detection test results. Their report, which examined a wide range of anti-virus products, was published in the German magazine PC Welt and its US counterpart PC World, and have cropped up in numerous places on the web.

We’ve been in touch with Andreas Marx of AV-Test.org who has kindly agreed to run some new tests for us and will be sending us the results shortly. We’ll be sure to update you on the blog as soon as we know more.

Only a couple of weeks ago the anti-virus industry met in Reykjavik to discuss how testing of anti-virus products could be improved and made more meaningful for companies trying to choose a security solution.