From the: you’re not foolin’ anyone department

A long time ago in a company far far away (sorry – couldn’t help it), we used to make a game of reading out 419 scam emails. It seemed their ability to completely butcher the English language knew no parallel and was a constant source of amusement. Of course, that was then and this is now.

The 419 scammers job must be getting a little tougher and it looks like they’re trying to scam folks they’ve scammed before. It strikes as odd that they’re asking for the scammers details. It could be a bait and switch (scammer replies with: ah good, and what are your details?). It might also be that some of the local groups would be happier if the rewards garnered by other scammers instead lined their own pockets. Either way, to me it smacks of desperation.

Here’s a screen shot of their lastest offering (I’ve circled some of the immediately obvious gaffs that show it to be a scam):
Yet another 419 scam

Unfortunately, the image doesn’t show the from address:

From: "E.F.C.C F.B.I" <>

If you visit the contacts page of the EFCC (yes, it is actually a real organization, though why a Nigerian government department would be directly associated with a US internal government agency is anyone’s guess) you’ll see that they have their own domain name and any email from them is going to use it. Not that I’d suggest for a second they’d resort to the same tactics as those they’re trying to prosecute 🙂