Are We Winning the Battle Against Spam?

With the appearance of Excel and Zip spam based stock spam, is this a sign that we are winning the battle against spam? The spammers are having to go to greater lengths to get their message through, potential targets for their products or services will have to carry out multiple steps to get the message.

It’s sad to see, however, that there is still a high number of individuals who’re just waiting to receive a new “stock tip” and get fooled. We could only wish that the scammers and the people who buy stocks on their advice will choose another medium to converse. I wish there was some kind of a new web 2.0 enabled social network to connect the two groups 🙂 At least it will leave millions of others out of it. So whilst we are making it harder for the spammers to get their message through, the only way to really stop them, is for people to simply ignore spam, and stop buying the goods or stocks their advertise.