Anonymity online? Not so much

This morning we saw the ever so popular Storm malware campaign hit, abandoning its method of pretending to be a video or an ecard and this time claiming to be the popular Tor anonymizer tool. As you can see on the official webpage, they have the following news post warning users of this campaign.

Sep 2007: There is an email circulating with a subject of “Careful, being watched.”. It points to a website hosting a malware tor.exe. This is not the Tor Project, nor affiliated with us in any way. The real Tor can be downloaded from the Download page. Tor bundles are signed.

Generally, when downloading software you should always go to the official website to download a tool or software, to avoid situations like this. Hopefully people have learned over the past few months of seeing this ecard campaign in so many variations that they thought twice about clicking the link.