Blast from the Past

News is circulating within the industry of laptops being sold that are infected with an old boot sector virus called Angelina (also known as Stoned.Angelina).

My memory is getting a bit hazy so I had to check the description to remind myself it was first found in 1994. Boot sector viruses spread by infecting the area of the disk that is used to start the operating system. They relied on people accidently leaving floppy disks (remember them!) in their PC when they switched off and infected the machine on start up.

The virus has been found on laptops manufactured by Medion and being sold in Aldi stores in Germany last week.

How the virus managed to get onto the machines that come installed with Windows Vista remains a mystery, but it just goes to show, we can never throw away the collection of floppy disks containing samples.

The old way of storing a malware collection