Stock scams by MP3

We’ve seen a bunch of spam messages hit the spam traps today. Each has an mp3 attached, the file is named after one of many popular artists or groups. Fearing a visit from the RIAA I decided to quickly check out the tracks. To my horror, no music was to be had! They are all stock spam!

I’ve been quietly wondering how long it would be before spammers started using audio formats to spamvertise. Well, it seems today is the day. The stock spammers are using attached mp3 files to advertise the stock EXTO.

The messages are quite random, some have multiple mime parts where others have a single mimepart. Most, but not all, have no subject. The mp3 tracks themselves are randomized. The voice is female and multitone, the pitch varies between mp3 and seems to be adjusted throughout the track. The file sizes are also varied.