Angelina Jolie spam can get you caught with your pants down

It is said that pr0n is what makes the internet go round (or is that up and down?)

Spammers and malware authors appear to know this all too well judging by their continued use of smut in an attempt to increase the size of their botnets.

So lets think this through. You’ve received about a dozen messages from various email addresses none of which you recognise, all of which have similar subject lines of:

“Hot pictures”, “Hot game” and “Here is it” – someone queue the cheesy porn music…

By now I’ve already deleted them, but not you…why? Do you really think a dozen random people are going to share their pictures of naked Angelina Jolie with strangers, or has the promise of a bit of flesh put your logical thinking on hold?

Ok, so you’ve opened the email and behold! You are warmly greeted by the sender who then offers a rather lurid description of the supposed content of the attached zip file.

Good afternoon, old chap!
Wanna see very sexual Angelina Jolie in short leather skirt and white silk blouse.
She slowly gets undressed and shows her big tits... 😉
Watch in your attachment!

Best Regards.

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Ok, so you’re tempted by the tease, but what’s this down the bottom? Have all our new found pen-friends got a copy-and-paste problem? In the industry, we call that a hash-buster, effectively making such template messages unique by inserting random text.

So you’ve still not deleted the messages? GAAAHHH, what more proof do you need that Angelina is not about to pose nude for you? Ask yourself this, how much of Angelina can you possibly fit in a 20KB attachment? You say its zipped, I say delete the email before your computer unwillingly joins someone else’s botnet.

Such attachments are too small to contain images but can easily contain malware.

If in doubt, delete it! Otherwise you might get caught with your pants down!