No! Not my precious MP3’s!

How would you like it if one day you ran a seemingly innocent file and every single MP3, WAV, AVI and MPG file on your harddisk died?

That’s what could happen if you were to be infected with Troj/MediaDel-A. It’s a small VisualBasic script that replaces all of the aforesaid media files on your system with the following text message: 

“you should not steal our hard work. thanks for understanding why we did this. RIAA/MPAA.”

Now, it’s almost certain that the RIAA and MPAA are not stupid enough to distribute malware that would trash people’s media files indiscriminately. It’s more likely the work of a lone anti-piracy advocate or a script-kiddie looking to avoid blame, regardless its one nasty trick.

Fortunately this malware is not widely spread and we here at Sophos plan to keep it that way.