Apps for iPhones – part two

I recently reported that Apple have announced that they will be making a software development kit available for the iPhone. I’m lucky enough to have access to one, having purchased one for Labs research when they first came out in.

With the imminent launch of the iPhone in the UK (due out on Nov 9th) I thought it was time to discuss what applications are already available.


When the iPhone was first released, there was a lot of speculation about it only being available on a single service provider (AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK). There was a lot of activity from ‘researchers’ on how to break the security on the iPhone and allow other applications and service providers to be used. This is in stark contrast to the ‘google phone‘ and OHA initiative discussed on this blog yesterday.

A quick count shows that there are at least 30 applications available for the iPhone now, including the mechanisms for unlocking the phone to install the applications or use with other service providers. Every thing from card games, old Nintendo game emulators, chat clients and ringtone managers are available. A large proportion of them are free of charge, in fact one of the simplest tools for unlocking and installing applications is free and comes complete with a simple windows user interface and instructional video. Such ‘ibricker’ applications don’t come without their risks, several instances of iPhones being rendered useless, especially after updates, have been reported. But iPhone fever continues unabated, and I suspect it will continue to grow over the coming weeks.

The iPhone is a beautiful piece of technology, it may not be the easiest phone to use but a lot of that is because everyone is used to the more traditional phones. The excellent graphics, intuitive user interface and ‘cool’ technology like motion detection that recognises that it should turn off the screen when you put it to your ear is probably why people are so keen to develop and install applications (there is an application that uses that motion control to make star wars light saber noises as you move the phone around!)

12 Nov – The survey is now closed