Missed business opportunities

The biggest secret of working over weekends as a malware and spam researcher is not the fact that you are protecting your customers against attackers that often choose weekends to attack. The biggest secret is an ability to access a huge number of business “opportunities”, all arriving to our spam traps. All that financial freedom, from lost inheritance of Nigerian princes to millions won in a lottery you have never played is available to you, just a few clicks away.

For example, today I have found and almost accepted this fantastic offer from Ty Caughlin. I could not resist, seeing him enjoying the sun in front of his home in Hawaii:


“That’s Me, Sitting Outside Of My Home In Hawaii. Keep In Mind I Haven’t Always Made Over $35,000 Per Week, From My Home… Not So Long Ago I Was Working As A Construction Laborer, Drowning In The Corporate Rat-Race, And Struggling To Pay My Bills. Since My Breakthrough With The ‘Reverse Funnel System’, I Now Make More Money In One Week Than I Used To In A Year – And You Could Too. I’ll Prove It…”

Of course, this is too good to be true. The “Reverse Funnel System” is better known as a Pyramid scheme, a scam in which only few people can make money. Even if the pyramid does not collapse, the number of people available to recruit will eventually be exhausted. The number is unfortunately limited by the number of people living on Earth, unless extra terrestrials are discovered and added to the scheme.

To get the opportunity to access all these amazing offers and prevent them reaching potential victims join SophosLabs NOW and enjoy your life in the wonderful working environment of our headquarters.