Coincidence or Shameless?

We here in the CA Labs get to see a lot of weird and sometimes terrible things in spam messages, and today was no exception. While doing our usual rounds of analysis today a particular message as seen below struck me as odd. I was skimming through an email which appeared to be your typical job scam fraud when I noticed the name ‘Robert Dzekanski’ signed at the bottom. There has been a lot of press about a Polish man who died recently at the Vancouver airport (YVR) while being detained by police through the use of tasers. The name seemed familiar and sure enough, the name of the man who died was also Robert Dzekanski.

Now obviously I can’t be 100% sure as to whether they were pretending to be him, or it’s just a strange coincidence, but the timing is a little too close. Obviously scammers have been using fake names pretending to be CEOs and various other high power figures of various companies all over the world, but this one just struck me as being a bit heartless and cruel. The first thought that comes to mind when reading one of these messages is to run a Google search on the name of the person sending the message to make sure they actually exist. Whether the scammer realized who this person actually was I can’t say for sure, but you’d think if you’re trying to scam someone you’d pretend to be a living person. On the bright side hopefully a few people out there recognized the name as I did and realized this was a scam.

Slice of the message