Santa Has Brought In His Little Dorfs

The Dorf spam campaign shows no signs of abating during the festive season.

This morning, SophosLabs analysts continue to battle against the little Dorfs (excuse the bad pun). The latest incarnations being spammed around the world are being detected as W32/Dorf-AK.

Malware authors have shown that when it comes to malware, the festive season is the perfect time to release new malware. They hope to capitalise on this opportunity because presumably, everyone is busy with Christmas shopping, partying and having a good time to notice or bothering to update their antivirus signatures. This non-action is particularly dangerous for end users because malware authors sometimes specifically target public holidays when the user’s guard is low.

This has all been seen before. For example, in 2004, the W32/Zafi-D worm precisely targetted the Christmas season to spread itself and even a year after its release, W32/Zafi-D continues to head the malware list for another year, topping the charts in the Top 10 Malware List for Sophos in 2005.

The presence of W32/Dorf-AK has shown that in the area of security, malware never takes a holiday. And for the infected user, this certainly brings no Christmas joy.