Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish our readers a Happy New Year. Things are looking fairly quiet so far this morning – just the usual smattering of Trojans in terms of malware, and scams, porn and pill-pushing spam messages.

A number of malware families dominated 2007, and I have little doubt they will continue to remain a problem. It was no surprise to see continued Dorf activity over the festive period [1,2,3]. Pushdo has been active as well – in fact this morning we are still seeing continued aggressive spamming of related components Troj/Agent-GKG and Troj/Pushu-D, presumably intended for an Italian audience.

[Italian Happy New Year spamming]

How long these and other notorious families continue to dominate the headlines only time will tell. One thing is for sure, malware authors will continue with the easy pickings. Though it is easy to scoff at the largely unoriginal, ‘in your face’ distribution techniques used, the fact is, if they result in sufficient infected machines, then they have succeeded.

I am sure 2008 will bring more sophistication – in terms of the malware itself, and the methods used to deliver it. However, we can be confident in predicting a lot more of the same old tricks. Maybe the celebrities may change – Britney and Angelina are so passe!