Naked Girls With Guns…..

Curiosity killed the cat…. and sometimes it infected many users’ systems.

Others, like you, that were intrigued by a similar headline, downloaded and opened what they thought was just a Power Point presentation containing several pictures of scantily-clad US soldiers.

A girl with a gun...

Unfortunately those users probably infected their system. What’s worse is that this presentation came bundled with not just 1, but 6 different pieces of malware.

(Troj/Dropper-TK, Troj/Bckdr-QLM, Troj/Dropper-TL, Troj/Bckdr-QLN, Troj/Dropper-TM & Troj/Bckdr-QLO)

This is nothing new – most users these days know not to download and run files from untrusted sources. But as long as the old tricks still work, the bad guys will keep using them…..

This particular bundle of malware didn’t get onto users systems by exploiting the latest vulnerability, but rather by leveraging the weakest security component present on all systems. The connection between the chair and the keyboard.

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again; most users could have avoided this by adhering to Sophos’s best practices.

In the meantime – what are you doing clicking on links like this at work?