AMTSOA few weeks ago I reported on a meeting I was going to attend in Bilbao concerning testing of security products. As a result of that meeting AMTSO was born. AMTSO stands for the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organisation and the organisation was officially launched today.

The aim of the organisation is to promote and define standards in testing. The full charter of the group can be seen on the AMTSO website. The group that met in Bilbao was initially composed of vendors and testers. However, one of the first decisions of the group was to engage with academics to bring independent outside scrutiny of proposed standard.

As has been said repeatedly on this blog [1][2][3] and in many other forums, there is a great need to provide useful tests and reviews that measure the quality of a product against the purpose for which it was intended. All products have moved on from basic signature detection and these new technologies needs to be reflected in the tests conducted on the products.

Sophos, through myself, will be actively particpating in AMTSO to help improve testing for everyone’s benefit. It’s not going to be an easy task as one of the goals is to be vendor and technology neutral but all the companies and individuals involved are committed to making this happen. Keep an eye on the AMTSO website and this blog for further information.