Zango the Time-shifters

Hotbar is an application which is created by Zango, who have put up a video on which explains their advertising model from quite an “interesting” prospective.

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Below is a quick summary about the video, composed almost entirely from quotes/transcripts from Rip, SVP of Sales at Zango.

What is misfit content?

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“What we call misfit content is really any niche content produced and/or distributed outside of mainstream channels and difficult to fit into conventional content categories or even formats….. It is the famous examples we all know: The Star Wars Kid, LonelyGirl15 and JibJab parodies. But it is also smaller diversions, distractions, themes and memes online that start out being distributed in smaller circles but often come to enjoy sizable audiences and consumer attention. Way more than just video, these include games, screensavers, wallpapers and widgets.”

The special power of Zango – Time-shifting

(transcript from above video at 3:53)

“…advance forms of targeting are also emerging, like the “time-shifting” events that we employ at Zango – “time-shifting” let advertisers capitalize on the popularity of misfit contents while keeping their messages separated from the (misfit) content and reaching consumers at a more contextually relevant moment”

So what is a relevant moment?

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“Utilizing an innovative function known as time shifting… publishers can rely on Zango to present sponsored websites to a consumer when that person is most interested in a sponsor’s message typically when shopping or searching online. In addition, Zango’s targeting functionality results in a user only being presented with 2-3 sponsored websites a day.”

Do you agree with Time-shifting?

Potentially Useless Arbitrary guesses from readers about what we should call these “time-shifting” devices are welcomed at 😉